‘Stupid if you are not in Gujarat’:Ratan tata’s Speech(English Video)

It’s Pateti: A new year day for Parsi people
Ahmedabad, DeshGujarat, 19th of August, 2008

It’s ‘Pateti’ festival today. This festival is celebrated in Gujarat to welcome Parsi new year.

Parsis left Iran as refugees and landed to the shore of Gujarat in year 755 A.D. Their saga of achievements and contributions to India is well known.

On Pateti day here is a video of Ratan Tata’s famous Ahmedabad speech ‘Stupid if you are not in Gujarat’. This speech was delivered in January 2007 at ‘Vibrant Gujarat investors summit’ in Ahmedabad organized by Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

We salute Parsi peoples’ contributions to Gujarat and India and wish them for their new year.

You can also visit another legendary Parsi Indian who was originally from Navsari in Gujarat, Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw’s speeches videos on given links here:‘ Creator of History Narrates it ‘ and ‘How Manekshaw tackled a Man who wowed to kill him?’


ck gandhi says:

When Ratan tata says something, it really means lot to all decision makers in the country. If Ratan tata has praised Narendra modi and has advocated investment in Gujarat, it’s a big big thing. Congratulation to Gujarat for that.

Other thing. We know what Tata is facing in Singur, west Bengal. Tata should shift it’s plant idea to Gujarat. In Gujarat there will be a Red carpet and not Red flags interrupting the progress.

I listend to this speech and also listend to Modi, Anil and Mukesh Ambani’s speeches. I am dancing with the proud and happiness for being a Gujarati. Jay Gujarat to Desh Gujarat.

Surendra says:

That is correct Mr. Gandhi. I am 100 percent agree and has nothing new to say.

Neutral Gujarat Political Expert ( N G P E ) says:

Infect what is proving more precise in this regard for Mr. Tata is: ‘Stupid if you are in Bengal’

(This is in relation with Singhur controversy. Just for fun. Bengolis dont mind)

Chintan joshi says:

Some pics of Shri Ratan tata at vibrant Gujarat summit printed in local newspapers of Ahmedabad


anuj shah says:

We honor Mr. Ratan tata for honesty and decency tata group has shown in their business in India always. And yes thats true, when Mr tata says something, it means lot. His admiration is a Gold medal for Mr. Modi.

jyothi soumya says:


Dhaval says:

Tata is India’s pride. Tata an old generation company picked it’s pace with the time. Having tcs and tata mobile phones has made tata in the chart of new generation business arena. From Voltas a.c. to tata indica car to indicom telephone and insurance and salt and what not from tata..again, tata is India’s pride

Mitesh Mehta says:

Hi,Kem Chho?

Jay Shree Krishna.

It makes as proud to be a Gujarati.

All the best for upcoming future to DeshGujarat.com.

With Regards,
Mitesh Mehta

sharadkumar says:

Here is Shri Ratan tata’s video from google Video. In this Video, you can see little bit of Ratan tata’s office view. Talk with Ratan tata by show’s host Charlie Rose is interesting. You will surely enjoy. It’s a high quality interview.

Rakshit says:

——————-Some offbeat reading about Ratan Tata—————————-

-Ratan tata took over the reins of the 130 year old Tata group on March 25,1991, from the colossal J.R.D. Tata, the man who ruled over the Tata empire and led the Indian industry for over five decades.

-When J.R.D appointed Ratan, he believed that only a “modern man” like him could redraw the contours. Not many know that as early as 1983 Ratan had drawn up a business plan for the group.

-Ratan tata’s redesigning of the Tata group was based on a simple philosophy: Focus on brands, trim the commodity sail expand services, get out of the businesses that are not among the top three, and think global.

-Like JRD, Ratan loves flying. When his father asked him to fend for himself, Ratan washed aeroplanes at the Bombay flying Club to earn his flying lessons.

-Ratan tata’s office in Tata group headquarters is located in South Mumbai, his sea-facing apartment is in Bakhtawar, Colaba, Mumbai.

-A dog lover, Ratan can often be spotted walking his German Shepherd, Tango, at the US Club or at Colaba Woods.

-Ratan grew up in Mumbai studying at the Campion School before leaving for the US to graduate with a BSc degree in architecture from Cornell University in 1962.

-If it hadn’t been for his grandmother Lady Navajbai, Ratan would probably have stayed on in the US.

-Joining the Tatas in 1962, he worked in various companies before taking charge of Nelco. Even roday, his closest friends are those living abroad, like music maestro Zubin Mehta and sound genius Amar Bose.

-Not surprisingly, music is a passion. His apartment in Colaba and his retreat at Alibaug- both have no security paraphernalia-are equipped with Bose speakers. Typically, very few know what he really likes to listen to.

-Just like the Taj chefs, who for years have been trying to figure out what his favorite cuisine is. All they know is that he doesn’t like spicy food.

-It is his passion for the three-point Benz he drives himself. Besides, of course, his newly acquired Falcon that he flew only after spending time on simulators in France.

-For all his wealth, Ratan is extremely down to earth, as wont to driving his blue Indica as hiring the nearest taxi in case of a breakdown. Once when he was actually stranded and caught a taxi, The Tata chairman found himself penniless. The cabbie smiled and waver him off. After all, how often do you get to give Tata a lift?

Hemant says:

Here are some photos of Mr. Ratan tata contributing to Rakshit’s input. Ratan tata with his dog with whom he likes to walk on beach. Ratan tata with legend JRD Tata, Ratan tata driving Indica car from tata.




Proud Gujarati says:

Congratulation Sir Shree Ratan tata,

Congratulation sir, after truly Gujarati style of betting, finally you have made India proud. By acquiring ‘Corus’ Tata becomes fifth largest steel producer in the world. Since a long time Tata Steel had planned to enter Europe market and now you have readymade production centre there. Indian companies can go international.

– A proud Gujarati

Chirag says:

Interview of Ratan tata after Corus deal in video as well as text. Video in three parts. CNN IBN interview.

Text, Video1., Video2., Video3.

Ashwin Patel says:

Nice to hear my boss. I am in TCS and proud to be a Gujarati TCSer.

Archana says:

Anyone knows how to contact Victor George or Ratan Tata as I see both of them chatting at the website, I would love to get their photos with me in the middle.

archana says:

i looove ratan tata

Jaipal reddy says:

I love Ratan Tata…..

debarshi says:

I too agree gujarat is one of the leading states in India in terms of investment and business.
But the point is people should be more tolerant.

Why is mumbai delhi and bangalore so ahead the only reason is these cities are highly tolerant to people from all around the world.In these cities your work and your capabilities matter and not which faith u follow.
nothing against gujarat and gujaratis they r indeed great businessmen but the only thing is they should be more tolerant to others.

You cant judge an entire community by acts of one or two people.

anyways Jai Hind

satish kumar says:

I am satish from kerala,i adore mr modi for the growth which he bought in gujarath .we need leaders like mr modi in every state.I wish mr modi becomes primeminister of india..long live mr modi(lion of hindustan)love u ….
jai hind

Eternal Truth says:

It is shame that since past months media has insisted on creating one dimensional view of Gujaratis where every Gujarati is considered guilty of voting for Modi. Most of media has bashed Gujaratis again and again for Modi’s victory and Gujaratis are now labeled as communal.

What media has conveniently chosen to ignore is tremendous growth and promise that Modi has injected in Gujarat’s governance. There are strict laws and corruption has reduced. Infrastructure is getting much better and the politicians seem to be actually working now. But no, media doesn’t look at it. They don’t want to believe that Gujaratis vote Modi for these reasons and not for any other reason.

Also, if Gujaratis were communal, other religions won’t have survived peacefully in Gujarat. Parsis initially came to Gujarat and still they have huge population there. There is a huge Jain population in Gujarat too. All the minorities live happily and peacefully together. But the muslim minority goes with a different mindset and hence conflicts with hindu majority.

Anyways, its great to see Gujarat on growth track and when someone like Tata acknowledges that, it holds much more value than what bunch of biased journalists say.

babul says:

i realy admire you and one day peaple will admire me because i want be like you sir.

devraj says:

can any one get ratan tata day to day working system

Imran says:

Mr Tata i agree and saw a simple person in my whole life

achutharam says:

I really proud of TATA’s. I congradulate RATAN TATA for his success.

dinesh balraj shikari says:


manoj tailor says:

We honor Mr. Ratan tata for honesty and decency tata group has shown in their business in India always. And yes thats true, when Mr tata says something, it means lot. His admiration is a Gold medal for Mr. Modi.

vinod waghela says:

we hereby thankful lto all investors to making the gujarat vibrant & ofcourse the great perosnality narendra modi saheb…..

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