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Fun at Mehsana’s Water Park (Probable Watchlist for Top video)

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Mehsana’s Shaku’s waterpark was the first water park in Gujarat. When it was started, Ahmedabad had not much fun places like it has today. There was not a single multiplex at that time, not a single discotheque or mall too. People from Ahmedabad used to travel to the highway to spend a day with water at Shanku’s Water Park. This was considered as available best in fashion luxurious enjoyment.

Nowadays there is range of options available for entertainment in Ahmedabad city. Even then if you choose to go for Water based masti, there are some four to five options in and around the Ahmedabad city. There are some places for water masti like Goyals waterworld near Sanand, Watercity on Ahmedabad-Kheda highway near Goblaj, Jaldhara waterpark near Kankaria Lake Etc. On Mehsana highway there are three options including Shanku’s water park and Safrony.

Mehsana’s Shanku’s waterpark is shown in this video by prabhatreprabhat. You can watch almost all the rides of this waterpark in the video. Second part of the video has more variety of rides than the first part.






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