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Surat rape: Victim girl identifies culprits

Surat rape: Victim girl identifies culprits
By our correspondent
Surat, DeshGujarat, 15 June, 2009

Surat rape victim girl identified all three youths who are arrested as culprits on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Gandhinagar based Forensic Science Laboratory’s top scientist Mr. Dahiya has arrived in Surat to collect scientific evidences in the rape case. Charge sheet on the culprits will be filed after Forensic Science Laboratory report.

National Women Commission’s Manju Hemdam is on Surat visit to meet victim girl.

In another development, Gujarat Police Chief Khandwawala has in one interview said he is supervising Surat rape case on hourly bases.

Minister of state for Home, Amit Shah is still camping in the city to supervise law and order situation following Bandh call given by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, supported by Surat Diamond Association.

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  1. Suraj says:

    Kudos to deshgujarat for carrying the news prominently.

  2. Hari says:

    We honor the BRAVERY of the girl. GOD is with her.
    Because of her COURAGE, many other girls will be safe from these kiDaas coming from hate-filled ideologies against girls and women, These coward men get breeding in the hate-factories of mosques and churches.
    I urge millions of Muslim/Christian women to speak up against their rapes done by these religions, practicing suppression of women to stone age, and tags them as inferior. Come out of the rape-filled mindset of Paadris and Mullahs.
    Hindus live in a matriarchal society. Hinduism is always with you.
    जय श्री राम

  3. krunal sheth says:

    I hate it when people like Hari think everything in terms of religion. What has religion has to do with rap, no religion including islam teaches that. While i agree these 3 accused are muslims, how can you forget that there are thousands of rape cases reported every year and at times, accused are hindus too. Btw heard about recent rape case involvind shiney ahuja? Isnt he a hindu? Isnt he accused of raping his maid?

    dude hari, IMO you need to grow up, and start thinking beyond religion. This talk of hatred is not going to take India (or you for that matter) anywhere.

  4. exam says:

    agree completely, krunal.

  5. Hari says:

    Dear Krunal,
    You can speak like this because you don’t go to a church and you don’t go to a mosque. If you had been going there you would know why the Muslim countries has the highest number of crimes against women. Had you been to any hard-core catholic countries, such news about shiney Ahuja wouldn’t even be reported.
    The reason you and I are considering a rape as a grievous crime is due to our Hindu (which is modern, and new-age) upbringing. You have to come out of your narrow mindset for thinking of this event as an isolated incident. PLEASE! be mindful of the causes of this. 99% of the time the causes that inspires crimes against women is either Bollywood (copy-cat of Hollywood), or the portrayal of women in Quran as weak, and meant to be subjugated.
    Everytime there is a rise in flesh trade movies in Bollywood, there is a double rise in terrorism against women.
    Is it a coincidence that 80 to 85% of women pushed into flesh trade are either from Muslim background of Muslim regions?

    While Hinduism (includes Buddhism alike) has taught brahmacharya and Kamsutra to the world, which is all about self-control, self-discipline and treating women fairly, the rest of the world has treated women very very pervertedly with the West treating them as pornography while the chauvinist Muslim world to treating women with rapes. Why is it Jijaamaataa asked 5 yr-old Shivaji to pick up a sword, and a vow protection of women. Do you know?
    In Hindutva alone, you will see pure 100% secularism in practice where the law of equal rights precedes any beliefs.

    Please Inquire.
    Why has such incidence gone up so high currently, especially after the advent of imposition of Western cultural invasion! Why do our women has to face these kind of terrorism in Surat?
    Do you know how the concept of ghunghat, and dowry came into our societies? These concepts were completely unknown to the Hindu world. And our women were freely moving around with the dress of their convenience before the Mughals or British came. Which suggests that Vaidic civilization (Hindu raashtra) is a primarily matriarchal society before the invasion by the Mughals
    DO you know the HISTORY oF RED LIGHT AREAS OF MUMBAI AND CALCUTTA? Who started it? Why the British army imposing illegal, immoral, unethical trade on our INdian women?
    Know the facts before throwing your narrow minded accusation onto the forum. Even now every time there is a election, the Murli Deora and his son force these women in red light areas to work overtime! The British left but they left their slaveworms goondaraj Kangress behind to continue subjugation of the women and ruining their lives. Millions of Muslim women are now crying for their human rights, which was snatched away from them by the Goondaraj Kangress after the Shah Bano case.
    Krunal, You don’t know the complete picture behind the politics of conversion pushed by the hate-filled mosques and churches? They attack the hindu girls by force and then black mail them. Instead of attacking the rapist you are attacking Hinduism, what kind of mindset do you have?
    Thanks to the BJP rule, the culprits were brought to books within hours. Had there been a goondaraj Kangress, the girls would be forced to convert and those rapists freely roaming around preying on other victims.
    Therefore the police must get all the details about who and how these rapists got their mindset programmed. And arrest all those who pushed them into this terrorism against women.
    First of all I have high respect for the girl for her BRAVERY AND COURAGE TO PREVENT OTHER GIRLS FROM FALLING VICTIMS TO THESE VILLANS and Finally I thank the honorable Amit Shah for living up to our ideals of Hinduism and procuring justice in a swift pace.
    जय श्री राम!

  6. Hari says:

    I dearly thank deshgujarat team for highlighting this menace of terrorism against girls/women and for trying hard to bringing an end to the phase of invasion upon our free society (reality of a Hindu mindset).

    Dear ‘deshgujarat’ I urge you to also highlight the plight of our Mother rivers crying in agony over the neglect of home ministry for rapes on our environment and forceful extinction of Hindu practices along the banks of Mother rivers, be it for Abhishek, Aachman, or Sandhya snaan. All my requests to narendramodi.in has fallen on deaf ears. Just by shitting in somebody else’s backyards, one cannot sit clean in Gandhinagar.
    Vapi to Ankleshwar, the fresh waters graced by Mother rivers need to be protected and saved from the mindless prostitution of Mother nature for some cheap money. We need development, in a true sense, where it is balance equitable, long term and sustainable for a healthy living and spiritual upbringing. It has to be a win-win situation, which is the epitome of Hinduism.

    Can you dare show these rivers to your children for reverence as Mother ? they will look upon us as shameless for cheap money. Be ready to answer their question to us: Bapa, Are you guys Hindus ?

    Where are all our Jain munis, and Swaminarayan Sadhus or dharma gurus and acharyas collecting money from these polluting factories. Why aren’t they issuing fatwas for cleanliness. Where is our Morari Bapu and Rameshbhai Oza and Swami Sachchidanad, why aren’t they ready to take up this social cause. Where is our Jaagrut Gujarat.?
    Anytime I look at our polluted and raped Mother rivers, I find it really hard to say:
    Jay (Bhaaratmaa nu simha) Garvi Gujarat!

  7. param sneh says:

    Right thinking, Krunal….

  8. Zoom Indian Media says:

    Krunal, dont write pure nonsense – as per islam, koran, women are inferior to men, and kaffirs (non believers) they are worthless.

    I do agree that crooks dont exist everywhere. The central point, an important one people like Hari make is correct. Koran and islam enable evil. This is a trend seen world over where mohummadeans live.

    Remember that Hindu belief is not a dogmatic one. There is no book among Hindus like koran or bible among Hindus. Hindus dont mind question elements of their beliefs. It is islam which force censors criticism of it.

    Check these and clam up on this issue:


  9. Tathagata Mukherjee says:

    I have been watching closely the media coverage of this henious crime in Surat by media.

    For first few days, they did not even mention it. As soon as VHP gave a bandh call, they started reporting the way as if it was a great crime to oppose it.

    Indian media is most communal in nature. They see the victim and aggressors’ religion and then write their report.

    Krunal- Yes, a criminal has no religion. But why then most often that not media gives a spin when Hindus become victim? Do you want us to believe that those hapless 60 persons did suicide?

    Why one law/standard for Hindus? And different for minorities?

    Why MF Hussian will be hero-worshipped by media, while nobody even write about plight of Taslima Nasreen, or when the Statesman (Asia’s oldest running newspaper ) Editor and Priniter will be put on jail for publishing a perfectly legal article?


  10. mohit says:

    people like krunal who simply like to recite bollywood dialogue.
    Indian young society are not actually aware about islamaist forces working and what they have done to the world you can speak about conquest in India,europe,israel where ever they have gone they have spilled the blood ,not invented anything which can serve society but only destruction.
    I know these thing are not mentined in our history text book since moderator where installed at them also so taht we can respect and be tolerant to other religion no matter how hostile and aggressive they are.Actually agression and brutality whole world has come across from muslim religion who have mastery in slaughtering and enjoys it too,dear frirnd wait till 2020 in India itself our people will see the demasked faces of our muslim neighbours friend and there society THAN WE WILL SAY O BHAGWAN BACHAO BUT HE WILL SAY GO ON AND HAVE COMPLETE HONEYMOON WITH THESE OPRESSED BLOOD THIRST MINORITY WHICH WILL BW 45% OF INDIA POPULTAION TAB MAJA AYEGA.

  11. Hari says:

    Dear Krunal,
    Unless you start to see a pattern of crimes, there would never be a remedy for this menace.
    Believe in the statistics, believe in the reality.
    One has to be assertive against crime, and assertive about the patterns of crime.
    Don’t jump to conclusion that those who are assertive about HInduism and who highlight the realities of women in Islamic/Christian republics as hate! I never asked anyone to kill someone or hit someone, because there is no room for hate in Hinduism.
    जय श्री राम

  12. Hari says:

    Krunal, if I go by your definition, if Gandhiji speaks from rooftops against the evils of heavy mining and big waste introduced by western-based capitalist society, you would take it as hate, isn’t it?

    When Gandhi reminded people about the injustice done to them and the atrocities in Bardoli/Jalianlawala baug/Bengal, WHY DON’T THEY TAKE IT is as hate?

    I want to ask Krunal, Why did Gandhiji’s ‘Quit India’ shout not considered as hate?

    Going by the madness of english media, when Gandhiji fearlessly sang “Raghupati Raaghav Raajaa Raam” or the “Vaishnav Janato” they would easily tag him as a communal!! And the goondaraj Kangress would even go a step further than the British by treating him as untouchable, and ban his visa to USA.

    VHP by merely standing up for equal rights as Satyagrahis are abused by media as communal?! Why? Just so that the goondaraj Kangress can continue to rule India through the power of black money carried by Rahul Nehru every time he boards a plane from Boston AIrport? When will the common sense prevail on the so-called educated elites?
    When will these people open their eyes to the facts and ground reality, and begin think original from a honest assessment, instead of being spoon-fed by the CNN/Times/Rediff/NDTV/et.al. Don’t get stumped, dear.
    Develop a win-win perspective first by becoming a assertive Hindu.
    जय श्री राम

  13. richi says:

    she is my friend s sister please supprot them …. girls brother was my school mate class mate …… bench mate in bhulka bhavan school ….. i dont wanna take ne name here but plz support them and kill those fucking 3 guys ….

    girl should kill them

    and i am right now outside india if i would b there i would hv killed those fucking muslim guys

    finish all muslims plz ….. no muslim no crime no tension

  14. Soham says:

    First of all religion has nothing to do with this. Rapist is a rapist whether he is Hindu or Muslim or from whatever religion. He/they must be punished.

    I think they should not be killed. They should be deformed and throughout their life ridicule them. They wanted to be models! This will give them lot of mental trauma. Just by killing them they will be free from this world.

    Or they want to be punished by their Muslim Law? As far as marriages and property matters are concerned they want their Muslim Law but when it is about punishment of a crime they go by Indian Penal Code!! Why double standards?

  15. Hari says:

    dear richi,
    I understand your frustration how much tension it is to deal with this challenge. The only cleaner way to address this challenge is to be on the toes all the time to constantly work and act swiftly like Amit Shah.
    There is NO need to finish all muslims, because several muslims don’t buy this crap coming from chauvinist Mullahs. All they want is a free Hindutva society, wherein no crimes go unpunished. During Shivaji’s Hindu raj, all women lived with complete fearlessness against terrorists. No one dared to touch a women, under the ill conceived brainwashing of Quran or Bible. It was only after the Marathas lost their unity, that the Mughals went back to their old ways of rape and plunder whilst the British army setup the red lights areas and the goondaraj Kangress continues to run them for their goondaa terrorism.

    The root of their rapist mindset is the criminal patronage given to these lunatics by the psuedo-secular political parties assisted with media like the NDTV/Aaajtak/Times/Rediff et.al., the goondaraj Kangress instigate them to commit blatant crimes against the majority under the pretext of conversion, then sit over their crimes and do nothing, which results in retaliation on the streets by the majority, and then go for cover under the countries sponsoring terrorism for further betrayals. This has been the case since the Alamo days how the state of Texas/California was gobbled by the US, or how the Kosovo became pawns at the hands of NATO, or the East Timor. Therefore first we have to keep our cools, and just know the facts and NEVER PLAY INTO THE TRAP OF GOONDARAJ KANGRESS AS WAS PLAYED IN GODHRA TERRORISM.

    There is no alternative but to remain sincere in our duties and always alert in electing a Hindutva government that is more worried about upholding constitution than to remain in power through the conduit of black money supplied through Rahul Nehru caught red-handed at the Boston Airport.

    to deal with this situation, always be willing to show the BRAVERY SHOWN BY THAT SVABHIMANI GIRL. THAT IS THE ONLY WAY TO RESTORE HONOR (FEARLESS STRIVING). NEVER THINK OF OURSELF AS A VICTIM. We have to strive constantly for justice, remain united and disciplined as taught to us by SARDAR PATEL, Gandhiji, and Acharya Vinoba Bhave through the power of ‘Jay Shree Raam’..
    NEVER FAIL TO VOTE IN AN ELECTIONS, and VOTE ALWAYS FOR THE HINDUTVA WHICH IS ESSENTIALLY 100% PURE SECULARISM. Convert all your frustration into a long-term tireless work to deal with the menace and challenge the goondaraj Kangress. This is an excellent opportunity for HIndus worldwide to bring out our best in us, namely, unity, hard-work, Q&A skills, positive determination, and devotion of BHaaratmaa.
    जय श्री राम

  16. George says:

    People like tariq and his friends are existing not only in Christian and Muslim communities but also in Hindu communities also….it has NOTHING to do with christian n islamic IDEOLOGIES..it has all to do with ppl who lust for power and pleasures and they ll do whatever they can to gain that objective, by religion or money or gender or politics whatever..

    ..Those muslim and christians u point fingers against also used to talk just like the ppl who has posted above, at the peak of their POLITICAL glory to justify their actions and so do u!
    .It might b the British who started the game of communalism to gain Political Power but its ppl like U (hari, mohit ,richi,zoom indian media) who are continuing this game in the NAME of hinduism and at the EXPENSE of other minorities and are the CULPRITS now….any person any hindu, muslim, or christian WORTH HIS SALT will never support ppl like u..they will support persons, whatever their religion might be, who has learned to RESPECT HIS OR HER FELLOWBEINGS NO MATTER WHAT their religion gender caste be…and that my friends is the BASIS OF PEACE….UNDERSTANDING, RESPECT& TOLERANCE….if that was there, there would never been a surat rape…there would never been a hundred millions and countless atrocities committed in this country or any other…. ITS NOT BY VIRTUE OF HINDU CHRISTIAN OR MUSLIM IDEOLOGY THAT PEACE IS MAINTAINED, ITS BY VIRTUE OF THE MAN WHO FOLLOWS THEM….if he is cruel n wicked no matter what ideology he follows he ll always bring despair, violence n unrest….
    Thats my answer to U my FELLOW HUMANS and mind u , I am a Christian …so dont say i know nothing about christians and i know plenty of gentle n good muslims as much as i know of hindus…..SO REMOVE UR FANATIC FEELINGS N LEARN TO RESPECT & LOVE OTHER HUMAN BEINGS, WHATEVER THEIR BACKGROUND BE…..THAT LL LEAD TO NO CRIME AND NO TENSION!!!

  17. Soham says:


    Please do not attach religion to Rape. Rapist is a rapist no matter what religion he follows. This ‘Chhelbatau’ and ‘Awara’ trio has to be punished and that too as fast as possible.

    Two days back there was similar incident in Bombay – Shiney raped his maid servant. A Hindu raped another Hindu. Why did VHP not call Bandh call in Maharashtra? They are active only when a Muslim is the culprit? Forgot Rajkot case? Please do not bring religion everywhere.

  18. Tathagata Mukherjee says:

    More questions for Krunal:

    People like Krunal will someday say- why bother about terrorism, because more people die out of road accidents in India every year than # of people becoming victim of terrorism !

    Psuedo double standard:

    Yes, crime and criminals have no religion. BUT WHY THEN PSUEDO BRIGADE WENT OUT OF THEIR WAY TO PROTECT THOSE WHO BURNT THE TRAIN AT GODHRA (answer is, its because those who burnt the train were muslims) ? Remember, immediately after train burning how they FALSELY quoted a PTI journalist, or spread the rumor of Muslim girl tea vendor not paid the tea price (as if 2 Rupees is the prices of 60 killed people)…………..so on and so forth? Spineless people like Banerjee were recruited to give clean chit to those who did that heinuous crime.

    Hardly 50 criminals of Godhra burnt the train. They represent 0.0000001% of Indian Muslims. Taking stand against them certainly does NOT mean ALL MUSLIMS ARE LIKE THEM. But psuedos suffer from so much of hate of Hindus AND WANT TO PROTECT CRIMINAL ACTS OF A SECTION OF MUSLIMS- they went overboard .

    Muslims position:

    You may like to find out what Gandhiji did when noted Arya Samaj leader Swami Shradhhanand was killed when taking rest by a fanatic Muslim. Gandhiji asked the top Muslim leader to CONDEMN IT. One top Muslim leader and Gandhiji’s partner in Khilafat movement said- EVEN A FALLEN MUSLIM (like that killer) IS A BETTER HUMAN BEING THAN GANDHIJI, OR SHRADDHANAND.

    Fact of the matter is- ITS HINDUS AND HINDUTVA TREAT EVERYTHING EQUALLY. Muslims, even educated Muslims, or I might add EVEN MUSLIM SCRIPTURE DOES NOT SAY THAT.

    Semitic religions biggest problem is their claim of sole truth and demonization of all others including Hinduism.


    Hindus are being systemetically abused to appease minorities.

    India is whatever today is for the majority of Hindus and their plural outlook. But the press and political parties are biggest reason for growing Hindu disquiet.

    Madhu Kishwar, noted activist once wrote this which explains the situation well.

    “The preference of large sections of the Muslim leadership and westernised Muslim intelligentsia for a Nehruvian brand of secularism has proved to be very harmful for Muslims in the long run. In the process they have rejected & ridiculed Gandhi’s approach to inter-community harmony largely because they are uneasy with his use of certain Hindu symbols. This has strengthened the feeling that the Muslim leadership is innately hostile to the Hindus who are rooted in their own faith and is comfortable only with westernised Hindus like Nehru who are contemptuous of their own culture, religion and people.”



    because, its they whose polemic, political position, commentory depends on appeasing of minorities and abuse of Hindus.

  19. vipul patel says:

    Dear hari,
    I read always your views on deshgujarat on various topics..sometimes i really impressed with that. Common man are not able to understand this issues that is the reason our people accused ourselves. I have never seen a pure roman catholic accusing Christianity in such a way a Hindu accuse Hinduism, I have never seen a Muslim making joke on Allah but seen so many Hindus making fun of our Gods, Do you ever seen any of Muslim or Christion debating like this on their religion? So when we will have respect for ourselves as Hindu, we get this thought automatically.

    And at last..Hari, are you connected to RSS? I can see in your views. And got a hint of it.

  20. Krunal Sheth says:

    Wow! I am amazed how many people like to relate surat rap with Islam and muslims. I am puzzled how this incident is used by hari to provoke everyone to elect Hindutava government.!!! Anyways, everyone has a right to express oneself and I just exercised mine by voicing my opinion. People here are smart enough to decide themselves if *this* incidnent is anyway related to Islam.

    and as suggested by dude hari in this thread, if we just want to go by statistics, # of hindus accused of rape would be more, even in % terms. so then is it okay to say hinduism encourages rape? I can go on and on defying every argument that tries to link rape with islam but I dont see any value in doing so I would just stop by quoting gandhi here:

    “Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.” – Mahatma Gandhi.


  21. Just imagine how the media would have reacted if the victim and culprits were of different religion, means victim muslim and culprit Hindu. That too in Narendra Modi’s Gujarat.

    They would have reacted as if the communal volcano once agiain explode in Gujarat and minorities suffering heavily at the hands of Hindu fanatics.

    I do agree that criminals have no religion, but how long the majority community continue to tolerate such crimes by muslims / xtians like rape, killing, bomb blasts, insult of our deities by son of satun MF Hussain.

    If we react, we are termed communal, however if they do, the crimes not even published / informed. KUDOS to DeshGujarat for giving justice to the hapless girl.

  22. Hari says:

    The problem with people like you is that you only think “Me and myself” you cannot come out of your narrow view of ‘Might is right’, and then you quote Mahatma Gandhi to justify your viewpoint. Please speak facts when addressing a matter afflicting our society.
    We have to put an end to this menace of rapes and terrorism. Tell this forum, why has there been a sudden rise of rapes and crimes against girls/women ?
    Do you have any inkling of the rise of flesh shows in Bollywood ?
    Do you have any ground situation idea about the rise in conversion?
    Do you ever keep track of how the rapists get instigation to look upon woman like ‘that’?
    Dude, you need to come out of your cocoon, because Hindutva teaches that we all are ONE.
    If you keep track of the history of suppression of women in the world, you will know why Hinduism is the most matriarchal society in the world.
    These incidences has to remind us of this fact, so that more WOMEN FEEL THE COURAGE TO FACE UP THIS MENACE (as our Jijaamaataa did) and the justice against innocents get swiftly implemented. Thanks to Amit Shah, VHP, and the most important the credit for this victory of Justice to Women goes to the girl who has shown exemplary bravery in restoring her honor.
    When BJP is in power, the victims gets justice right away irrespective of whichever religion she is from.
    But when the goondaraj Kangress is in power, people like Salman Khan get away with abusing Miss Worlds, or the son of a powerful politician can get away with the harboring terrorists.
    Don’t you see a link between these crimes and those in power?
    I understand we are helpless in this kind of situation, and I asking anyone to hate anyone. All I am saying is know all the facts! and you get a chance to change this situation only once in every 5 years, so don’t come under any influence, ask your Hindutva soul.
    जय श्री राम

  23. krunal sheth says:

    Seriously hari , I feel sorry for you man. you are like a horse of a carriage with the blinds on the eye. you cant think beyond religion.

    even though you have said enough citing all sorts of random examples. you still fail to prove

    1. How the surat incident is related to islam? do you want to suggest that islam teaches its followers to rape woman? show me a pointer to any koran verse that says that.

    2. somewhere in your reply you talk about Godhra incident. what it has to do with surat rape incident?

    “Don’t you see a link between these crimes and those in power?”
    2. Do you want to suggest that surat rape happened due to congress government in delhi? that would be total dumb thing to say and moreover you forgot the fact that gujarat has BJP government.

    3. and while i wish i had answer to your below questions, i still dont understand what these questions has to do with surat rape incident.

    “Tell this forum, why has there been a sudden rise of rapes and crimes against girls/women ?
    again, do you have any data about “sudden rise of rapes and crimes against girls/women”? for a second, lets assume that there is an increasse, do you know for sure that all crimes are commited by non-hindus? (how can you forget the incidents involving dowry)

    Do you have any inkling of the rise of flesh shows in Bollywood ?
    what ‘the rise of flesh shows in bolloywood’ has anything to do with surat rape incident? and if we agree that bollywood is the reason for instigating youth for rape, your theory of linking islam and muslims to rape doesnt hold true then.

    Do you have any ground situation idea about the rise in conversion?
    No but then again how is it relavent to the surat incident being discussed here. were the youth commited the crime converted muslims?

    Do you ever keep track of how the rapists get instigation to look upon woman like ‘that’?
    again no. but then how is it relavent to topic on hand?

    Dude, you need to come out of your cocoon, because Hindutva teaches that we all are ONE.”
    if we ALL are ONE then it should include muslims too and if so, why are trying to link surat rape incident to muslims? why dont you come out of your cocoon and think muslims or rather any non-hindus as “ONE”, why do you like to label them as ‘Muslims’

    Now answer this (and this has nothing to do with surat incident, this is to know your views),
    Why are so keen in creating a seperation among indians by dividing them into muslims and hindus. Why cant you dream of india above religion where everyone works as “ONE’ and work for improving life of each and every indian and make India a better place to live.

    I want to quote a famour philospher karl marx; “Religion is the opium of the masses.” and you seem to be proving him correct.

  24. asali bharatiya says:

    Mr. Vipul Patel

    hari is directionless guy. He is prejudice of ppl other than him. He even cannot respect himself. To be a good Hindu, he should study Hinduism well. The day it will be happened, hari will be the most wise man of Gujarat.

    In present situation, he is unable to listen anybody. He thinks himself as the best person in the world. But he should put himself HARI(Bhaghwan), he will know himself.

  25. Hari says:

    hey nakli bharatiya and Krunal,
    Seems like you are only interested in dumbfolded arguments without any facts. I could do a point-to-point rebuttal with ya’all but it is beyond the limits of time and the rules of the forum. In summary I want to say that Your myopic views about this world is obviously revealing when you cannot read in perspective and jump the gun with ‘directionless’, or ‘horse of the carriage’ accusations.

    ‘directionless’ yes I was, like you two, until when I got the grace of my Guru who opened my eyes to “live and let live” or win-win philosophy of Hindutva, with a peaceful mind.
    ‘horse of a carriage’ I am, when it comes to appreciating my Hindu society with truths that only gives me all the happiness of world at my feet.

    Unless you will start to come out of the narrow box, you would continue to remain in the illusion of the your thoughts as the ultimate truth.

    I don’t have to waste time in your dumbfolded arguments, because facts speak for themselves as in the present incident.
    Even if you don’t read the Quran, it is clear that you don’t seem to know the plight of women in Islamic societies.
    As for the mention of Godhra incident linked to this episode is vividly clear. In both cases the aggressors were brainwashed with wrong mindset from Quran, and the victims were perceived as weak and soft.

    And the rise of crimes linked to Bollywood is also very clear:
    The classic case of Shiney Ahuja is for everyone to see, they call themselves as anti-hindus and yet go around raping minor girls with support from the likes of Mahesh Bhatt Bollywood womanizer portrayal of woman as object of pleasures, and making cheap money off of it. They have made film-making into a vulgar factories funded by the western cultural invasion. And yet people like Krunal or nakli Bharatiya cannot see the link.
    Looks like they cannot read or listen in context. For that you need to use your brain.
    Don’t try to short-circuit your eyes with your mouth,.

    Get your anti-religious crap out the door, otherwise you will face the same fate as the USSR or East Germany.
    Are you blind enough, to know which country has the highest intake of opium (under the garb of anti-religion)? Without knowing the facts don’t just lick any shit coming from false heroes.

    If you don’t have time and ears to hear the facts, and want to be guided by your anti-religious prejudices then so be it. Who am I to stop you from going down a cliff in the grab of your ego heads? Our Karma system is already taking care of people like you in the form of terrorism, rise in crimes and sinking values.

    Krunal/nakli bharatiya, honestly I don’t blame you, when I see you have fallen victims to the goondaraj Kangress or the media-injected opium-infested minds. But know this, that people like Salman Khan, or Sanju bhai, or the black-money conduit Rahul Nehru, who attack our system without any provocation, and who are still roaming around as free thugs. Or for that matter, Afzal terrorists or that Madani or the Sonia Nehru they are all laughing at your servile madness. I don’t have to laugh at you.

    I come from a freedom-based Hindu society which is cherish for highest human values and I don’t have to shy away from my appreciation for the greatest Mother religion on earth, as you all. I know very well why the Hindutva system is the best answer to our problems and shortcomings, because it is this practice that has never failed me for yeons of milleniums. It continues to inspire us to see reason with a win-win attitude. All we need to do is be a little assertive for our dutiful attitudes, like the RSS and see how the ‘teeno lok haakte kaanpe’

    Krunal/nakli-bharatiya, You cannot seem to see how far your self-destructive ideologies have put you in, Mullahs already took away the human rights of Muslim women, and you like to sink your head in the sand thinking they would not target your girls ? You don’t know any truths about the pain faced by majority of Muslim girls/women in Islamic societies which is why YOU WOULD NEVER APPRECIATE THE SACRIFICES MADE BY OUR JAWANS.
    Nor do you have any idea about how the red-light areas were started by the invaders, so you continue to ape their thinking and try to feel superficially secular while banishing Hinduism. It is called as psuedo-secular, stupid.

    Hindutva teaches you to see everyone as Hindus. But if the muslims/Christians are hell-bent to not consider themselves as Hindus and forcibly insist on bringing people into their fold like ghetaa-bakri, what can you do about it?

    Dear Vipul bhai,
    I don’t belong to any organization. There is only one organization as ParamVeer Maj.Rushikesh or Shahid Jagtar Singh believed, and that is our Bhaaratmaataa.
    जय श्री राम

  26. Hari says:

    The girl was able to get justice ONLY because of Hindutva government in Gujarat who has shown exemplary sensitivity to restore the honor of the girl, and which is why our AdarNiya Amit Shah came rushing to Surat with a round-the-clock monitoring.

    Unlike the goondaraj Kangress, he DID NOT play political football over the matter as played blatantly by the goondaraj Kangress in Maratharashtra in Mumbai riots or release of sons of Kangressi netas found guilty in several rape racket in Goa. In Delhi too whether it is Priyadarshini Maatoo case, or the Jessica Lal, or the abuse on Air hostesses in flight by Kerala goondaraj Kangress ministers, or the drunk behavior of the highly influential goondaraj Kangressmen on Air Hostess by the Ramrao Adik, they show a vivid pattern of crimes against girls/women. Even in the Shiney Ahuja case, the media is already portraying him as a victim and not the girl, what kind of fooling is going on? The CBI is completely misused by the goondaraj Kangress to weaken the prosecution case by the Sonia Nehru who doesn’t even have a mind of her own.

    YOU JUST HAVE TO SEE HOW goondaraj Kangress infested DELHI has become the crime capital of rapes, or how the beautiful state of Goa has turned into a den of rapes by the goondaraj Kangress minister’s sons and henchmen there. Or how the red light areas in Mumbai are not stopped due to the sponsorship of the Murli Deora and his goondaraj sons. Or how the women’s jail turned into a rape rule in the great state of Orissa when the goondaraj Kangress ruled there. In Kerala too the goondaraj Kangress is sitting idle over the conviction of rapists and criminals.

    IF YOU NEED HELP FOR VICTIMS THEN, safely seek refuge of VHP and Durga Vahini who are alert and apt enough to raise the awareness levels against crimes and violation human rights

    Sangh parivaar strives to remain in consonance with the aspirations of the innocent law-abiding civilians of BHaarat, They have performed a great service to mankind by upholding the constitution of BHaaratmaa, albeit in a volunteering mode. They fill the vulnerable gaps while our Veer Jawans can safely fight for our independence at the borders. You got to understand the holistic importance of having a Hindutva society which believes in the principle of ONE (justice for all)

    Typically here is what goondaraj Kangress has done, whenever an injustice done to Hindus like the (unprovoked) riots, or the forced conversion or rapes, they sit over the prosecution like in 1992 TADA courts, dragging the cases like the Delhi police or Abdul Telgi case, free the terrorists like the Sanju bhai from the Dawood gang, and then when Hindus express their grievances, the goondaraj Kangress sit over the crimes without acting swiftly like in 26/11 case, and not giving free hand to the professional police. The ONLY REASON THERE IS A LITTLE BIT OF law and order in Mumbai is due to the influence of Hinduism on the masses. It was because of Hindutva, that Mumbai was saved from the communist crookedness of Dr.Dattaa samant. However that is not enough, The next job is to liberate Kolikatta from the clutches of anti-religious and anti-human dogs connived by the goondaraj Kangress in gaddi. The reason for mentioning all this, is to bring law and order to our thriving populace which have been silently tolerating all the nonsense coming form the innocent Sikh killers the rascals goondaraj Kangress.

    This is the reason why this incidence has to be used to highlight the importance of having a Hindutva Government (respect and justice for ALL, and protection of all girls/women as equal, just like during the Shivaaji’s Hindu raashtra days, considered the safest zone for girls/women). When I seek answers for protection of freedom of girls and womens, I don’t have to go anywhere, because we have Hindutva delivering the solution right at our doorsteps, which is to everyone’s advantage, if you will.
    जय श्री राम

  27. Hari says:

    Krunal/nakli bharatiya,
    I have nothing against ya’all personally per se. I have the honor and respect for every soul, because afterall my Hinduism teaches me to practice vegetarian lifestyle. It is given that any individuals has a right to differ on their views, be it on a stage or in a debate forum, so there is no reason to hate each other. However, when it comes to solutions for our society, I only beg you look at things and incidents in perspective, so that the discussions remain constructive and creative.
    The goal of all us is same, to feel the ONEness as our Hindutva teaches. Which is why we feel the same pain equally as that girl in Surat who inspired exemplary bravery to challenge the dark forces confronting our free (Hindu) society. Hinduism is all about unity in diversity, and it has been the enabling force for upholding our great constitution encompassing the virtues of all beliefs and faiths.
    We have great honor for the Surat girl.
    जय श्री राम

  28. bharatputra says:

    mr. hari
    o.k. u are not directionless but ‘MISDIRECTED’ by yr guru. U poor do not know that Gurus & movlis will never make the ppl live amicably.

    We muslims beleive the 10 ordinery ppl can eat together in one big plate but 4 molvis or 4 gurus never can eat together.

    The respect to women ISLAM has given, no other religion has given. U need to come out of misconception of ISLAM.

    Read a small story here:

    An arab villager came to Prophet Mohammed as asked; Whose right is first on me?
    The Prophet said: Your Mother’s.
    Again the arab asked; After that?
    The Prophet Said; Your Mother’s.
    Again the arab asked; After that?
    The Prophet Said; yout Mother’s.
    The Arab asked again; after that?
    Now the Prophet said; Your Father’s.
    It means Islam teaches resoect to women 75% to 25%.
    I think this is enough to u/stand.

    I would like to request Mr. Japan not to delete my this comment because it will help to remove misconception about ISLAM from believers of other faiths.

  29. Hari says:

    You have no idea about a Guru, so you better keep your foul mouth shut, lest you may become victim of your own misconceptions enforced through brainwash from your misguided religion.

    In the beginning everybody assumed of Islam as you are saying and so Hindus readily cohabited with the Sultanates during the advent of Mughals. But when day in and day out Hindu women became targets of fanatic Muslims instigated by their Mullahs, then our Jijaamaata could not remain silent and had to say enough is enough. The truth about the practice of Islam was out. It was nothing but a barbaric cult enslaved to the western christianity to impose chauvinist agenda upon hapless public in a repeat of lustful raj of Akbar lineage.

    What is happening in our Kashmir is a naked display of Islamic terror upon women. And the least said about the Islamic naaPakistan (and what their armies do in the name of Islam) the better,

    please Go an explain your misconception about Islam to your Mullahs and Imams who perform nikah against the wishes of the girl to the Arab sheikhs without looking at their age.

    If your Islam teaches you to respect Mothers first, then why are Muslim fanatic fundamentalist opposing to speak “Vande Mataram!”
    Why can’t you make them read the Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay’s book Anandmath in context and understand that Hinduism is all about respecting women 100% of the time because it is a matriarchal society, unlike the chauvinist agenda of Islamic brainwash that is supported through goondaraj.

    Teach your misconception about Islam to all those countries to restore human rights for the countless Muslim women subjected to the honor punishments and stoning to death after being raped by someone in their own home.

    If what you said is even 1% true then why don’t you ask the goondaraj Kangress to uphold the Supreme Court order to deliver justice to Shah Bano. Why are you thugs hell-bent on snatching away the human rights of Muslim sisters and Mothers in the name of Islam, why can’t they issue a fatwa against Shariat?
    Why are Muslim always at odds with the uniform civil law as promised in our constitution of treating all men and women as equal without asking their religion.

    Why are people like you and Krunal trying to divide the human society on the basis of Islam and atheism. You call believers of other faiths as Kafirs, and then you blame them for misconception about Islam! What kind of crap is this? if your Islam is human-friendly, then why can’t Mullahs have the balls to proclaim that Hindus are NOT kafirs?

    Can your Islam worship the power of women as Shakti, which Hindus practice from day one?

    Hindutva looks upon people of all faiths of Bharat as Hindus. Why are Muslims always at conflict between power of ONE (Bhaaratmaataa) and their Islam? No wonder, Islam is destined to be uprooted from our graceful Mother earth.

    “Hindutva is the antidote for the masses” as our Vaidic Sanatan Dharma (practices) provides the best constructive, creative and freedom-loving pastimes to aid in abetting our duties for welfare for all and thus sustaining our Bharatvaasis to be a superpower nation in the face of every kind of enemies confronting us from naaPaak iraadaa of Chin, America, Britian or Arabs. who has grown a self-destructive jealousy for our land, and thus when we Hindus fail to be assertive of our values and our brand, they preyed on the minds of gullible Indians like the nakli bharatiya to throw digression in our progress.

    The entire Europe is trying to copycat the Hindu concept of “unity in diversity” and done research on ways of Hinduism on living as a community.
    Even the Americans are desperately trying to accept our Vaidic Sanatan Dharma, albeit under a different brandname.
    Therefore in the context of Bhaaratvaasis, Hindutva is the best golden solution to restore our status as a superpower nation at the service of Bhaaratmaataa to restore the semblance of peace and harmony, as preached by our Guru.

    In this incident Thanks should go our jaagrut Gujarat for giving power to a Hindutva governments like NaMo, who has been able to achieve swift justice to book the culprits and achieving 100% precision in restoring honors to our sisters and Mothers. All in a peaceful manner. Our girls and women feel much safer and brave now.

  30. Hari says:

    Hindutva is the singlemost binding force of Humanity as can be experienced profoundly in Bharatdesh.
    Because, being a Hindu I am compelled to be open to every avenues of reaching the same Ishvar, and thus it is fun! It is fresh and thriving and NOT idolatory like Islam which is enslaved to the western Christianity that has turned into an albatross around the mankind

    If you are so much interested in removing the misconception, then ensure that Islam does not become a weakest link fault-line as proved to be during the partition of mankind into Kafirs and dhimmis. Please Learn something or two from role-model Muslims like the Ustad Bishmillah Khan or the vegetarian President Abdul Kalamji so as to assimilate seamlessly into a Hindu society while maintaining your identity in a glowful rainbow of Hindutva Bhaarat which the goondaraj Kangress is hell bent in shattering for some cheap votes to abuse their power using the ‘politics of fear’ for looting India to the black swiss bank under instructions from British Americans, and using the slavery of that black money postman Rahul Nehru to further their crimes of misrule against our constitution.

    Hindutva is the safest answer to the survival of all men and women to be on the path to success, if you will.
    जय श्री राम

  31. bharatputra says:

    mr. hari,
    nobody is free to read yr rubbish & thousand years baseless & proofless theory. U are totally misguided. U are burden on India & claiming yrself as wellwisher of India.

    Muslims has spreaded blood for freedom of India. Yr sangh was supporter of britishers. Check the history & then comment in one or two sentences.

    don’t waste yr time by writing long long comments.

  32. Rahul Singh says:

    Militant Islam is biggest threat to India and Whole world..

    All Muslims may not be Terrorists but all Terrorists are Muslims..

    All Mafias like Dawood Ibrahim , Haji Mastan , Karim lala , Chota Shakeel, Lateef are muslims…

    All ISI Agents are Muslims

    Al Qaida , Talibaan , Jaish , Lashkar , SIMI & Indian Mujahideen are Muslims…

    They keep many wives , lots of children , commit crime and destroy the countries…

    Islam is threat ….and United Non Muslim Front is the solution against Islamist Terrorism,,

  33. Hari says:

    (brainwashed) bharatputra,
    Your lousy mind is evident from your comments about having to read long long comments. Seems like you are fit case for laato ke bhut baato se nahin maante.
    Get life man, looks like anyone who does not subscribe to your fanatic Islamic cult appears to you as misguided. I don’t blame you, you have been brainwashed and programmed into thinking like that.
    It is not surprising that the British Americans have swindled your religion to rape your minds thoroughly in Saudi Arabia, and turned your Shariat republic of naaPakistan into a beggar state.
    No wonder the goondaraj Kangress Sonia Nehru and her cohorts are having a cozy time with your slavery and dogma of fear without any performance to show.
    It is natural that most of the fanatic fundamentalists in your religion belong to the ghetta-bakri mindset (from the eating of their DNAs during bakri id. KNOW THAT WHAT YOU ALL GUYS EAT ON THAT DAY IS FEAR TRANSPLANTED FROM THE BAKRI TO YOUR MINDS, thus you become what you eat, a fearful lunatic resorting to tarnishing your women and violence), Majority of muslims like you are an easy prey for brainwashing into wild beasts.
    Get rid of your hate glasses to understand and accept the universal truth which anyone can call as Hindutva, the singlemost binding force of Humanity.
    जय श्री राम

  34. asali bharatiya says:

    mr. hari
    cong is on truth therefore, still existing since 120 years & others are in dieing position in young age. I mean to say bjp’s infighting.


  35. Hari says:

    nakli bharatiya,
    to enforce your point you cannot see any reason.
    The present goondaraj Kangress is not even close to the original Congress. Know your history before farting out the propaganda.
    Did you know that Congress party already died in 1967 after it was broken up into the Indira congress called as Congress(I), or the goondaraj Kangress panjaa party.
    It was silently and covertly rechristened into Indian National Congress by some Navin Chawla type psycho so that they continue to leverage its name and befool public with their politics of fear. Till date they persist to enslave India by taking advantage of the ‘fear’ DNAs eaten by the ghetta-bakri mindset of bakri-id violent fanaticism.

    You may see BJP as infighting, however I am proud of it because it goes to show that internal democracy within BJP Is alive and thriving which eventually is good for the nation because it sustains a firm unity like the comity of our beautiful languages. Correction is the mantra for progress, whereas the goondaraj Kangress using chamchaagiri of people like nakli bharatiya has brought disasters like terrorism/attacks on our constitution which you are complete ego-blinded to be able to see, which is the tragedy of India.

    Thus, it is proved that the cults of Islam and the white racism are prone to the massive abuse of mankind
    Only Hindutva has the answer to be sustaining in yeons of millenium. Ride the truth and enjoy the journey.
    जय श्री राम

  36. Hari says:

    nakli bharatiya,
    stop being a sycophant like Navin Chawla AND for sure stop eating the DNAs of fearful animals, otherwise you people may continue to live in fears under hidden names and hidden faces.
    Adopt Hindutva like Ustad Bishmillah Khan or Mohammad Rafi or Bharat ratna Abdul Kalamji, you will be a free man and a fearless one at best.
    जय श्री राम

  37. asli bharatiya says:

    mr. hari

    This is not religious forum. Don’t propogate religion. yr rubbish arguments shows bankruptcy of mind of sangh parivar.
    u are saying bjp infighting as good developement.

    But we feel it is danger for INDIA. bcos no opposition in parliament. bjp is sinking. Lalu is waiting call from Soniaji for ministership. We need good opposition to control the rulling party.

    In 2004, Communist played roll of opposition though they were supporting UPA bcos bjp was idle & just wasting time of parliament by opposition & bouycoting parliament.
    This is yr RASHTRAVADI bjp that never though of the nation.


  38. Hari says:

    nakli bharatiya
    You can go on and on pointing fingers at ‘others’ and blame gaming to prove your point, because that is how people like you are groomed. I don’t blame you.
    Without wasting my time with a nuthead like you, It is best for me now to leave your misbeliefs to our flawless karma system. At least I won’t go out of my way from Hindutva, because I know it works (and with peace and joy).
    जय श्री राम

  39. asli bharatiya says:


    Who asks u to leave HINDUTVA. The problem is with yr ‘HINDUTVA’. The party bjp that has think tank, could not difine ‘HINDUTVA’, u a layman is going to difine Hindutva. Pls clarify that u beleive in HINDUTVA of bajpai or that of varun. Hindutva of bjp is rejected by wise Indians. We want bjp to give one clear difination that can bring bjp into mainstream.
    Today, bjp itself is out of mainstream & asking others to come within mainstream.

  40. RAJ says:

    Muslims are criminals by nature and crime is in their genes, 75% of inmates in Jails are muslims, because they live in slums and gettos ,are uneducated. they dont know about Humanity ,kindness ,giving space to others and tolerence ,these things are too remote and difficult for them to understand .(like green house gases for an Arab) nowhere in their relegion or madressa or even at homes such basic humanity is tought. A muslim who doesnt have a job ,a house ,any source of income even he will produce 10 children and will populate slum when he cannt provide even basic necessities will encourage their brood to become criminal like themself. who are slumdogs (80% of slums and gettos population is muslims and they are involved in petty crimes like theft to rape ,murder,extortion ,blackmail,bombing,and terrorism. There is no need to bring Hinduatva here. Muslim population in India is about only 25% ,but 80% of rapist arrested and convicted are muslims and almost100% of victims are Hindu,sikh or christian girls and women. In year 2006 100,000 hindu and sikh girls had to elope with muslims (were converted forcefully by way of rape and blackmail ) Their Modus operandi is like this(same like Surat rapists ) first get friendly with hindu or sikh or chriistian girls through internet, college ,tution,clubs or their sister or mother becomes friendly with these innocent girls .somewhere they lures these innocent girls by using their mother or sister ,and by unsuspected friendly gestures to their home or coffee shop or at a farm house in disguise of marriage or birthday party .then they Rape her (by putting drugs in tea or coffee or sometime straightaway by force) and will photograph them nude or on compromising position ,will also make video.Then starts blackmailing and repeated rapes of that poor victim ,Victim is left with choices 1. commit sucide.allow repeated rape,convert and elope with muslim,and many of these girls are then sold to contractors of flesh market and for prostitution (Poor Victim is left with no choice except to accept the fate) Rings a bell ,Does any Indian still remember the famous Rape -Photo-Blackmail- Repeated rape case (Multiple victims but modus operandi same as above) from Ajmer sherif ,The criminals were sons and brothers of the custodians of the khawja Md. noor U din Chisti durgah (one of the holiest place for Muslims ) I dont know what happened to that case after initial arrests of those Chiste basturds,The case was bungled by Police,politicians and power brokers and nothing happened ,Congress and its associates (Axis of evil) has made mokery out of Juidicial system,CBI, and system just for votes .Muslims are protected by UPA goverment but as far as hindus ,sikhs are concerned there is no on to listen to their grivences , so brothers ,sister,mother and father of all Hindu ,Sikh,and christian ladies be careful next time when you join a friends marriage /birthday party or you join a group at Internet,school,college the danger/Rapist might be sitting next to you pretending as your friend.lot of them will be petroling and looking for a victim in functions like garba,navratras,christian and sikh religeous Congregations
    PS be careful:sometimes these rapist/muslim keep hindu/sikh or christian namesand pretend like that so as to appear innocient,acceptable,and harmless.

  41. hitz rav says:

    hi hari and krunal………i like you both u both people are right with your point of view i cant neutral on this i complately agree with hari……..sorry krunal.

  42. rahul.n says:

    dear Krunal,
    Please don’t waste your time on replying or debating with the elements like hari.
    These castist degenerating brahmin-hinduism does create these kind of thinking. there is no use in advising them.
    people have to be educated as society and class to do away with the feudalistic tendencies of religion. especially asian religions which are tentatively fighting for their survival aginst rationalization of society thrrrough modernization. they all will put up their ugly resistance.
    you have only limited choices. try to understand what kind of society breeds such idiotic and dangerous ideologies. wasn’t it american weapon’s industry that oversupplied germany with dangerous weapons which eventually drew themselves into the worldwar.weren’t the riots in gujarat helped land-mafias and hindu businessmen in wiping muslims out of their lands, homes and business competition. no social movement can stand on it’s own. in eevery era there were pepople fanatic and idiotic but only the objective conditiond decide whether they have to used or left alone or suppressed. Think about it. readmore to find out. don’t engage in secular proselytizing of fanatics whatever religion. they wont hear you unless you can make them deaf wih your voice.
    if iam posited as anti-patriot or pro-pakistani by the fellow writers ,remember there is no religion in the world that are bad and good . every religion or ideology is just one way form of expression of materila conditions of the materrial reality.

    read more my friend, read .. they won’t do it. but if you are true to your words, read and fight if not directly on the streets withsecular forces, then at least through ideas.
    jai manav

    with regards

  43. Vivek says:

    Rape has nothing to do with the religion. It is all about illiteracy, wrong company, ill mindset, excessive exposure and addiction to pornography and sex, and no proper sex education and guidance in adolescence. As we all know that this is the most vulnerable age, and any of the above factors in this age result in RAPES and RAPISTS and all other sorts of crimes. All the people who are well educated and civilized among hindus, muslims, christians and other religions do not indulge in such cases. Cases like Shiney Ahuja are exceptions. On the other hand, all the uneducated lot or the ones affected from the factors mentioned above, irrespective of their religions, indulge in these sort of crimes. No religion teaches such atrocities and All God are one. The more we fall in for gurus, the more brainwashed we become. Just believe in GOD – THE SUPERPOWER, that’s it. If we talk about gurus, even they play the blame game. No gurus says the other is better. They always self proclaim themselves as the best and all others as fake. Even there have been cases recently where gurus were found to be a part of these crimes. Sikhism says there is only one Guru – The Holy Granth Sahib – Supreme God. No human man/woman can become a guru. Even the people who go to gurus indulge in crimes. Even high society well educated people indulge in adultery like wife swinging, wife swapping, etc. So its all in the upbringing and guidance in he vulnerable age “adolescence” which matters. It’s all in the mindset and has nothing to do with the religion.

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