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Modi’s speech on girl child school enrollment movement(VIDEO)

Modi’s speech on girl child school enrollment movement(VIDEO)
Ahmedabad, June, 2009

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi delivered this speech on the occasion of state government’s annual girl child school enrollment movement, year 2009.

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  1. Bharat Sachania says:

    The eduacation is vert important being a human life. Our chhote saradar already doing hard job to make sure our Gujarat must be educated Gujarat.We need progress and our progress will be within education.Govt, run by any party but don’t forget Govt. is peoples govt.

    Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat Vande Mataram.

  2. Hari says:

    Good. Very good.
    These are the Salient features mentioned in NaMo’s scholarly speech.

    [1] The first day of school has be celebrated as the greatest pride of family/community.
    [2] Greenery is an excellent long-term solution for sustained cleanliness and bringing down dust-levels.
    [3] Nourishment of Pregnant Mothers and a safe birth to a child is the responsibility of every person of a community and thus everyone around a expected mother is accountable for her well-being and the child.
    [4] Aanganvaadi need to be restored into a Sanskaar kendra, to teach kids cleanliness, and bowing to parents daily, and creative playfulness for instilling discipline towards overall development.
    [5] Bring about a continuous Qualitative improvements to education through minimum 100 hours/year of volunteering by retired teachers, and educated youths, and community groups.

    ALL BRAHMIN PRIESTS SHOULD INTRODUCE A PUJA VIDHI FOR ALL HINDU FAMILIES, A ONE KIND OF SANSKAR PUJA FOR KIDS JOINING A SCHOOL. ALL Vaalis must do this puja for their children just like they do a Vaastu Puja, to get blessings of bhoodev Brahmins, and to pray for a SaraswatiMaataa’s blessings to shower her infinite knowledge, and to BHagwaan Raam to grant good company of friends to your child as s/he is joining education. Basically the intent is to create a positive atmosphere and a optimistic outlook for the school-phase of every Hindu soul’s life.

    A BASIC DUTY of every school & teacher should be to teach students:
    [a] HOW TO LEARN”,
    [b] HOW TO EXPRESS, and
    [c] HOW TO SOLVE.
    A teacher should persistently persuade the Vaali to takes care of the fourth item for their student on HOW TO SPEND FREE TIME, MONEY AND ENERGY.

    Next time you visit a restaurant or a factory, and if you ever see a child working there during the school hours, haul up that employer or parents, or call police. Even if you see child begging on the streets during the school hours report it to the police immediately. Since SMS has become a common mode of communication, I request Sh.NaMo to start a SMS complain scheme to all the Government departments especially the education ministry, and also to lodge a anonymous report to the police. I am sure that will help to convey to those sitting pretty in Gandhinagar about the ground situation. ANY INCIDENCE OF SOME CHILD LABOR DURING SCHOOL HOURS SHOULD NOT GO UNNOTICED. IT HAS TO BE SEEN/ALERTED AS A TICKING TIME BOMB. One thing that VHP/RSS can do for our BHaaratmaataa is to instill the fear of law onto every citizen.. whether it is dowry, or child labor, or a pile of thrash, or the menace of pollution/conversions in your neighborhood. All culprits against our constitution have to be nabbed.

    BUILD GARDENS and GROW TREES as a number one village project.

    A registration scheme should be started in panchayats to register all the expected mothers in their village. Or in slums, the block officer should be held accountable for registration of all expected mothers and if found to be from poor family, then coordinate appropriate nourishment for the mother either through a (gupt) silent-mode appeals to her neighbors or reporting it to the Corporator/MLA office for help.

    Like schools (which requires qualified teachers), all anganvaadi services has to meet a minimum certification operation standards and training/qualification of staff.

    As for meeting the goal of 100hours/year of youth participation for open sharing of knowledge to school kids, or an interactive Q & A session with the school children, all employers have to be notified to actively encourage their highly-learned staff to increase the number of hours spent in social responsibility and rewarded with appropriate tax benefits based on audited number of hours of time spent by their highly-educated staff in schools.
    Also, a day or two should be made compulsory for all corporations to keep an open house for all school children to visit factories and industry shops for a glance of their operation explained enough to arouse their questions about the subject. Also, Science Exhibition participation in teamwork has to be made compulsory subject for all school children in their marksheet as a way to give them a dose of continuous qualitative improvement of education.
    जय श्री राम

  3. himesh says:

    amazing pure speech from highest post of gujarat gov. C.M.

    the way he connect one thing with other thing is truely amazing. he knows the TIME vaule. we want whole gujarat government will behave like this. it is impossible to achieve same integrity from every C.M of my gujarat but his principle and his commitment must be ensure in future c.m of gujarat..

    we appreciate your work sir modiji, we also have to give freedom to gujarati students in school too. every school must have a very high calories of food available in near every school. so after 15 years, whole gujarat people must have a very good built physical body. modiji must focus on appearance of every gujarati citizens. do not worry modiji too much about gujarat, we will be fine,

    modiji please develop different type of food in different parts of gujarat so whole world come in gujarat and earn money and live in peace..

    modiji polical leaders of gujarat is very high standerd.. love them all. best of luck

    yes, i am also a medical student but i can also join this wonderful your idea about giving education to village people. it is very nice thing. whole cycle is good.

    we love to work..

  4. param sneh says:

    Well Said, Himesh….Good to see that passion…I am also ready to invest my 100 hours for bright future of the next generation.

  5. Hari says:

    Primary education is our Bharat’s core competence.
    The Arabs copied the algebraic system, and the yoga in their namaz. Even the Kabbah is a copy of our Shivling puja.
    ANd now the the west is desperately trying to completely ape our Hindutva system, albeit in a different brandname.

    The best Modi saheb can do for us is to re-introduce the Vedic Mathematics, Suryanamaskar, Shubhashitams and Gujarati ukaado/riddles to enhance quality of our primary education. Then he will see a 100% improvement as he so desires.

    Every schools should have a 1 hr/week, outside of curriculum, in which they are taught sports and music in which all Vaalis and teachers also participate including the principal of the school, so that students learn to respect elders and are at ease with the teacher staff.

    Even scouting can be made compulsory for all schools to instill patriotism and survival skills. Through scouting, the first thing a student learns to stop complaining about conditions and try to solve issues by self first.

    Every student needs to be taught through sports. By learning through sports, they can be taught self-discipline, introspection, determination and eventually a blissful state of equanimity without dependence on rewards.
    Through sports, a student learns:
    [1] Abiding to the rules of the game, being aware of it at any cost, and how cheating is synonymous to sin, or tampering with rules is just another name for losing.
    [2] understanding of our shortcomings and capacities and self-assessment.
    [3] Developing a strategy for performing better,
    [4] patience and practice practice practice
    [5] remain focused on the moment and dignified importance of the opponent/challenge.
    Thus Sports is the best method to remove fear against the challenge, and drive students into preparation as the best mode of studies.

    Interest in studies need to be developed (ABSOLUTELY no beating nor fear business in teaching)
    Motivation for performing better need to be cultivated through an exclusive hour for 1:1 interaction between teacher and a student, or lesser teacher to student ratio.
    The current spate of commercial tuition classes is a spell for disaster and need to be overcome through a public-private partnership in education sector.
    जय श्री राम

  6. Hari says:

    Spread the JOY of learning to every student in our schools.

    Prepare ALL students to be Hindus:
    Reading Reading Reading
    Practice Practice Practice
    and, Conscious Watchful Observation of how we spend free-time.

    We Hindus have to continue following these principles so that we never cease to be students of life.

    Eat drink and sleep is not what Hinduism is about. That is why the influx of flood of money from MNCs has dragged us into a eat, drink, and sleeping syndrome. To be a world-class education system, and to reach among top 5 countries to perform in Math Olympiad, we need, have to get our direction straight at Vaidic values.
    Sometimes the drought of money is a better situation to be in than the flooding of money situation, because the damage can at least be contained. Even Vietnam or Combodia or China score better marks among top 5 list of Math Olympiads.

    Anyone ceasing to be a student (aka. Sikh, or a saadhak) is very easily slipping into ‘might-is-right’ ego and is destined to annihilation.

    In bhakti-system too, the first ladder is shravan (becoming a student)

    Hindutva encourages us to REMAIN A STUDENT even after we are buoyed the by influx of funds.
    One way is for youths to participate in paaraayans (to keep our positive reading habits intact),
    or to actually play sports (not on idiot box, but in neighborhood), to take inspiration from Bhagwan as a role-model player, Shree Raam, and looking at life as leelaa (plays and sports)
    (so as to keep our mindset on practice for all endeavors),
    all while enjoying a dip of happiness from positive vibrations of sankirtans, is how we sustained out humanity for yeons to be #1 in education.

    Reading, Practice, and Music are the golden tenets taught by Hindus to the education world, for unity of mankind as a community (Vasudaiv Kutumbakam), along with the knowledge of science of spirituality for millennium of ages. If we don’t maintain it then the Chin, British Americans, Arabs are already waiting in line with their naaPaak iraadaa to snatch away our education system to call it in their perverted brand name.
    I am glad Sh. NaMo has taken this initiative and I owe him all the success for this grace to future हिंदू generation.
    Where there is a will there is a way. We may not live long enough to see the fruits of his actions, but nevertheless we set foot in the correct direction it gives us confidence and we know that are going to get there for sure.
    जय श्री राम!

  7. uttam says:


  8. k says:


  9. Soham says:

    As Times Of India Reports

    GANDHINAGAR: Gujarat slips down in the rankings as students move from the primary (class 1 to 5) to the upper primary level (class 6 to 8) level. A
    Union Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD) study, {lsquo}Elementary Education in India: Progress towards Universal Primary Education’, suggests that there is a sharp decline of eight per cent between 2005 and 2008 in students moving from the lower primary level to the upper primary level in Gujarat.

    The study, prepared early this year, has ranked Gujarat No 9 in composite primary and upper primary education development index (EDI). However, when it comes to upper primary EDI, Gujarat’s ranking slips to No 11 as against 8 at lower primary level.

    While Gujarat’s focus on school enrolment has been on girls, this fall comes mainly because of a high drop out among girls, in classes 6 to 8. In fact, as one moves higher, to secondary and higher secondary education, the enrolment of girls dips further. In urban as well as rural schools having classes from 1 to 12, the percentage of girl child enrolment is the worst in Gujarat compared to all Indian states.

    And this is not just a rural problem.In urban areas, in schools providing only primary education, 47.13 per cent students are girls — lower than the national average (48.68). As one moves forward, the percentage drops. In schools providing primary and secondary education, it is 45.75 per cent, and in schools providing education up to higher secondary it is 40.99 per cent – the worst in the country. Bihar’s percentage is 43.34 per cent, for instance.

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