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Narmada dam overflows at 126.21 metres

Narmada dam overflows at 126.21 metres
By our correspondent
Bharuch, DeshGujarat, 12 September, 2009

The Narmada dam on Saturday began to overflow by nearly five metres. While the dam’s current height is 121.92 metres, the water was flowing at 126.21 metres on Saturday. The dam started overflowing around 10:30 in the morning yesterday.

Once completed, the dam’s full reservoir level will be 138.6 metres, enough to store double the amount of water it is currently able to store. It can be well imagined how much water the dam could have stored in case the construction had been allowed to achieve the full targeted height.

According to the officials of Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Ltd (SSNNL), due to heavy rains in the catchment area of Narmada river in Madhya Pradesh, there is tremendous inflow of water in the dam. The major dams on river Narmada such as Tava dam, Bargi dam and Indirasagar dam are full of their capacity and 6 lakh cusec water was released from the Indira Sagar dam yesterday, which resulted into a tremendous inflow.

As at least two more rounds of heavy rain in the command are expected, the existing overflow may be repeated again during this month according to the officials.

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  1. Inquilab says:

    Shame Shame on the Central ministers and to the Congress party for being a stumbling roadblock, and not approving the construction of reservoir to its full height.

    When more than 400000 of Pandits have become homeless and refugees, the Congress party is using an excuse of some few hundred people who have already been given relocation land, for throwing their vengeance hatred against Gujarat. It is pathetic to see some bunch of Gujaratis enslaved to the whims of communal Congress party for their misplaced ego.

  2. hitesh says:

    well, it is not about shame shame but it is totally bias,wrong and illegal decision by congress party.. gujarat government must give importance to natural resourses and give information about it to common man, and peoples.. you can not hide it.. you must open to gujarat citizens..
    we as a common citizens must have a obligation to listen carefully to gujarat leaders and their commitment to work.. congress party is ass hole,mother fucker party.. they does not care about poor people.. congress party is a family,bap-beta bussiness.. democracy means you give a chance to common man and woman to empowerment..

    see the way congress behave today in media about encounter killlings.. they are justifying terror and terrorisum.. they are doing brain wash of young peoples by fucking fail,fool, rahul gandhi. ( 5 years old i.q level ).. why not indian government give chance to poor man to perform in politics..?? if you go out of india as a foreginer then you have to live in street of usa and uk. so why not rahul gandhi work in clerk in school? why not congress party workers live near to dangerous muslims group?? rahul gandhi is fool and seller of india.. nothing else…

    still in USA 108 suprem court judge are white male( not woman) out of 112… in police officer too same.. american media also support white population in national media openly even they (media) attack barack obama.. black president after almost 250 years of democracy.. even also black president put when there is no money in american bank.. american people call barack obama as a hitler today..ect… white dominated media constantly attack obama now in america..

    that means i wanna say that which country in world has a vice president muslim, catholic sonia gandhi party, and opposition by secular bjp.. that is only happens in india.. but national media constantly barking like a dog and constantly bashing hindus citizens who has his a country..

    well, only in world poor man and woman are respected in india only…

    see you soon..

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