CBI arrests Swami Asimananda from Haridwar

CBI arrests Swami Asimananda from Haridwar
Ahmedabad, 19 November, 2010

Central Congress/UPA government controlled CBI today arrested Hindu Swami Asimananda from Haridwar.

Asimanand whose real name is Jatin Chatterjee is originally from Bengal. He settled in southern Gujarat’s Christian Missionary affected Dang district in year 2001.

He worked aggressively here for reconversation of converted Christians.

His ashram in Dang district is known as Shree Shabari dham ashram. Interestingly Dang district has a village called Subir which is named after famous character of Ramayana well known as ‘Shabari’. Asimananda had organized grand Shabari festival in this missionary affected area several years back.

Asimanand was wanted in mecca masjid blast cases, and was declared absconding.