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Gujarat Chief Minister’s Independence day message(Gujarati video)

Gandhinagar, 15 August, 2011

Presented above is Gujarat Chief Minister’s message on 15th August Independence day. The speech is in Gujarati language.

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  1. jayesh gohel says:

    Excellant and Uniqu., “” Moto Koi Padkar nathi, Insan Koi Nano Nadhi “” Swarnim Sankalp

  2. excellant and Uniqu Que. :: Moto Koi Padkar Nathi, Insan Koi Nano Nadhi “

  3. Resoected CM,
    Your announcement on the eve of Independence Day to clean the corruption from Gujarat is highly appriciated.Sir, in revenue dept. the common man goes to Mamlatadar office for any small work, he has to offer bribe on every table to get his/her work done.The police people are always behave with indecent language with noncriminal persons.In RTO everybody has to offer bribe to get work done for no reason. 7/12, 8A,6A agriculture land records are denied from taluka e-dhara office if the people approach to taluka e-dhara office for availing the same they are always asked to obtain from village panchayat.Due to any reason if they are not made available from village panchayat even though E-dhara people refuse to issue them.On offering bribe it can be easily issued.Please do needful.For any work common people has pay bribe.V.R.Shah

  4. Amit Dhorajiwalla says:

    Modi needs to find out if Divya bahsker owners have been bribed by congis. They do not allow anti-congress readers to reply on articles. Only pro-congressis are allowed to reply. This paper is trying to copy Murdoch’s Sun to become number one by publishing sex related stories together with Congress propaganda, a sign of western interference in Gujarat.

  5. kevin says:

    only leader in india who give speeches without looking into piece of paper not only in this speech but i have seen him at different occation, anyway happy independence day to modiji and all my gujarati and hindustani people around the world

    Jai Jai Garvi Gujarat.

  6. Nalini says:

    Shiv Sena mouthpiece Saamna on Sunday published a advertisement of ‘missing Rahul Gandhi’. In a sarcastic comment, the party mouthpiece said that Congress general secretary was ‘missing’ from Maharashtra where farmers from Jaitapur and Maval were desperately waiting for him. The advertisement has a description of Rahul and also sarcastically said he had the habit of talking out of context and kicking up controversies.

    His abrupt urge to stay in a farmer’s shanty is what has been stated as Gandhi’s habits in the advertisement.

    “Maharashtra’s farmers have not been able to eat or drink properly since you have gone missing. Please return soon,” is what the ad states at the end. The advertisement is put in the name of farmers of Jaitapur and Pavna-Maval valley.

  7. ravi says:

    he is the man after iron man sardar patel, Sardat patel architeched india after independence, and modiji is now shaping modern india.. We love you Modiji.

    now the biggest threat is to india is corrupition, we need to abolish it by making better policies and lows. in athor side poeple should give up to offer bribe to work get done..

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