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Narendra Modi unveils bust of Sardar Patel, opens new building of Leuva Patidar community at Rapar

Rapar, 21 June 2012

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi today in his address told the people of Vagad belt of Kutch that Vagad would progress immensely through arrival of Narmara maiya at its doorstep. Modi coined a slogan :Vaagad vadhshe aagal’.

In a function organized by Leuva Patidar Samaj Kanya Kelavni Mandal in Rapar Shri Narendra Modi opened a new buildings and a bust of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Shri Modi congratulated the mandal for its work in the area of girl child education for last three decades.

Shri Modi said that as a Chief Minister he had been fortunate to dedicate as many as 100 statues of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in last 11 years.

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  1. KENT says:

    @ uttam, Please have some respect for an elder person…. He may not be a type of a person you had in mind but he is aged individual and we all must have some respect for him….

    SORRY, if I have hurt your feeling…I do not care for the guy, but I respect him as older person and we could learn from his experience…. JAY HIND..

  2. Amit Dhorajiwalla says:

    Vallabhbhai Patel? And I was brainwashed into thinking that Jawaharlal Nehru single-handedly won freedom for India! And that was the reason why bridges, roads, parks were named after Jawahar. After that they also started naming them after Rajiv Gandhi. His greatest contribution? Bringing someone foreign to rule over India- virtually re-colonising India.

    • KENT says:

      My friend Amit, THIS NEHRU family with their CHAMCHAS think that nation is their property and they can do whatever they want….. People are kept as slaves with the help of media and people cannot think for the nation….And this way you can make a nation slave again….

      ALL the YOJANAS and BUILDINGS, BRIDGES and many things are named after only one family….thinking that no one has done anything…..

      THIS Is my understanding that CONGRESS party works as a corporation and each person CONGRESS party is on salary and they have BILLIONS of ruppes to burn so they want to buy election and people ….. THIS way you do not think and BECOME “GHETAS”…..

      MY BLOOD boils as I see nation is being robbed by these people…..JAY HIND….

      DESH GUJARAT, THERE is nothing offensive in truth…. JAY HIND…

  3. upen says:

    where is the former patel chief minister…
    don’t talk about patel/patidar samaj…
    they all knows you very well…
    you are playing vote bank politics against shri MODIJI…
    Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat…

    • Nitin Shukla says:

      Agrred Fully Agreed My Brother….No Cast No Religion Only & Only Development.

    • KENT says:

      upen, The history repeats… THE way BRITISH divided us and ruled…. THIS strategy is being used by CONGRESS party.. They ruled us for 60 plus years then why change….so all this games are being played…. JUST look around, people have no self pride or DESH PREM…. I am happy to tell you that I am proud of BABS RAMDEV….. DO NOT LISTEN MEDIA…. MEDIA has brainwashed us enough….. JAY HIND…

  4. uttam says:

    I agree mr kent,but is he respecting 6 cr gujarati,no at this age what is the reason to quit party may be…mr he is not responding his age…

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