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Gujarat BJP SC Morcha chief resigns

Vadodara, 28 November 2012

Gujarat BJP scheduled caste (SC) Morcha president Jivraj Chauhan resigned from the post aftforge was denied ticket for Vadodara city seat which is reserved for an SC candidate and Manisha Vakil was chosen instead.

Chauhan said Girish Parmar, organized the Thangadh agitation against the BJP government,but got ticket in few hours after joining the party. Chauhan said that he himself worked overtime for party to dilute the agitation. Chauhan said he wAs earlier denied Mayor’s post when the post was reserved. He said even Kanodia got ticket after threatening to leave the party.

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  1. Gujju By Heart says:

    If given ticket to all of those “unhappy” & “seat seeker” candidates, what will they do ? They’ll go out and say Modi is our CM, vote for Modi, Modi did good work, blah blah blah…

    But can’t those duffers see that Modi himself has worked for the party and nation for many years before BJP Party gave him any position. He never asked for position.

    If you want to serve nation (which should be THE one and only motto of a politician) why do you want a seat ? can’t you do it without power ? Didn’t modi serve nation without position and power ? Didn’t THE Sardar Patel served nation without position and power ? Isn’t many NGOs (plz dont mention sold out teesta and all) serving the nation without power and position ?

    Get lost you all સત્તા લાલચુ ઓ (seat hungry foxes).

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