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A child rehearses to play Modi in a fancy dress competition(Video)

Ahmedabad, 27 December 2012
This video indicates the level of Modi’s popularity.

The video that we have picked up from Youtube shows a four year old child dressing like Narendra Modi rehearsing for a fancy dress competition at school. Youtube user Mitesh Jayswal uploaded this video on 26th December 2012 featuring four-year-old child Mahir Jayswal of Swastik school in Amdavad. Mahir attempts to speak like Modi. He says Soniaben, he says 6 crore Gujaratis etc.

If you visit Gujarati families these days, you would find many other children like Mahir, who know Modi, who like Modi, who, when asked to, can even can speak or act like Modi.

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  1. nB says:

    Great :)

    This is what makes NaMo different from the rest!!!

  2. mahak says:

    amazing passion for Modi Ji………..I too have same passion…….many times i kept on making speech to myself of that modi ji’s 2007 speech of bapunagar

  3. KANT says:

    To all congress party people…..
    You can not continue fool ,rob,loot nation any more….
    Nation has awakened… you can fool people of HIMACHAL PRADESH and not GUJARAT…..
    EVEN small kids of nation know that Mr.. MODIJI is the future of the nation….and this worthless NEHRU family will leave nation with their all BLACK MONEY operators….

    NEHRU family has given the POISON of DIVIDE and RULE policy….. The result of GUJARAT election showed that ,it will not work…. and this lady from ITALY will have to and MUST leave nation for sure in 2014….. JAY HIND, VANDE MATATEAM, BHARAT MATA KI JAY…..

  4. kamal n sharma says:

    Narendra modi ji I see you as a prime minister of india.
    Hapyy new year

  5. pankaj bindash says:

    Narender modi ji Wish u happy new year, We let’s see u as a PM of India,

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