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In pictures/Videos: Gujarat’s two tallest buildings at GIFT city all set for grand opening

Ahmedabad, 5 January 2013

Presented here are the two tallest buildings in Gujarat, almost ready and all set to be opened by Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi on 10 January, 2013 at Gujarat International finance Tec-city (GIFT city) near Gandhinagar. Each building is 28 storeys high. These are GIFT city’s very first two buildings, but many such more are planned. Enjoy the photographs.

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  1. VK says:

    Nice pics… Towers coming up well…

    Are these latest pictures?? If yes, then it doesn’t look like to be ready by 10-Jan

  2. sunny (london) says:

    thanks for modi

    doing excellent work for my state.

  3. Rohit says:

    Thanks for sharing this. This is great news. Mr. Modi will really make Gujarat as top destination.

  4. db says:

    as per initial plan they suppose to make all the road for traffic in gift city under ground. and it was the geate idea to avoide accident and noice polution. i hope they will consdier that again.

  5. Morse says:

    they reaallly stand out in sleepy, deserted Gandhinagar :)

  6. PA says:

    I wish at least external-facade was different. These are cereal box buildings.Look around the world and see how Architects are innovating different designs. Eacvh building should be different making it visual art.

    • Good Samaritan says:

      You must be kidding! These towers are built using the latest and greatest technology and architectural design concepts that exist today in the world, for example district cooling etc. Construction contractors for these buildings viz. ANC Dubai and L&T are the companies of the world repute! The glass paneling/cladding of the towers are no different technology than being used in Freedom tower in New York that is coming up to replace 9/11 fame World Trade Center twin towers.

      What you may be referring to are pigeon hole type garish design with windows, balconies and trims of various color schemes and styles which is so aged in today’s advancements in construction technologies and architectural design concepts!

      BTW, the main iconic tower of GIFT city would have non cubic design with different geometric shapes and patterns!

  7. Patel says:

    Finally GIft is making some progress. This project is running behind by several years. Phase1 was supposed to be completed by 2010. We are in 2013 and only 2 towers constructed so far. I hope we would see some real investment from big MNCs in GIFT.

  8. jawan says:

    2 tower banava ma 4 year viti gaya. Probably it will take century to complete entire GIFT.
    Btw, don’t committ mistake to call that towers are Ahmedabad’s property. It’s of Gujarat’s property whether it is Rajkot or Amreli or Sabarkantha or Gand or Vadodra. It’s the pride of Guarat, and not of Ahmedabad.

    • Nirav says:

      L&T and the Dubai company roped in for construction actually constructed the towers at a very fast pace. Each floor of the tower got readied in 5-7 days. The initial time taken was for land acquisition and other things.

  9. K . A says:

    now gujus needs jobs ,still mumbai ,pune, banglore ,whole south , hyderabad , noida are rocking then gujurat , people are still leaving gujarat. no jobs in gujurat

  10. suraj says:

    ઉજ્જડ ગામ માં 30 માળ નું building ખાલી પૈસા ને time નો waste છે . જ્યાં જગ્યા ઓછી હોય છે ત્યાં ઊંચા building બનવા પડે ના કે ગાંધીનગર માં

  11. hp says:

    aa 2 buliding banavva ma atlo bdo time lagyo to aakhi city banvama k tlo time lagse??????:

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