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Clicked in a picture: A lady giving flying kiss to Narendra Modi

Ahmedabad, 6 January 2013

Narendra Modi. His popularity in urban Gujarat is unparalleled, and his popularity in youths keeps him unconquered, and look what happened today morning. While at Ashram road in Amdavad he was flagging off the Reliance Sabarmati Marathon event, one lady stopped at close distance and gave him a flying kiss. A photographer present there said Modi replied flying kiss with routine smile and ‘V’ for victory sign. He shifted his attention to others soon. The lady had no chance to stop amid continuous flow of runners, so she too left the place smilingly. Photography is about clicking the moments. And the moment is well clicked here.

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  1. Morse says:

    lol. He really is seen as a rock star! Imagine someone having the guts to stand in front of Modi and blow him a flying kiss! :)

  2. jawan says:

    She’s Lunatic declared

  3. United States of Gujarat says:


  4. Jay says:

    This is sad. Youth need to understand in proper way and need to respect the person by their age and position. Because of this kind of people any position holding person thinks low level and sexual Exploitation get increase in India. After resent Rap incident in Delhi there is a BIG SHOW CASE all over India and youth and Ladies take big part in it but they need to think more then five times while behaving arrogantly in public place.
    We Youth are base of India and we need solid foundation to resolve any problem of India so I would suggest we need to think like true Vaidik and need to understand our and world best vaidika vignanam (Ancient Scriptures of India) where you find resolution of all the problems.

  5. KANT says:

    THIS is my opinion and I do not want to generate more arguments….
    YES, You can admire Mr. MODIJI and you could show a respect by only doing A NAMASKAR but a flying KISS to elder person in BHARAT is not suitable….or YOU could SALUTE a person you like or admire…… SEE WHAT western culture has done to our youth of the nation….NO proper understanding for the respect…. JUST wait more bad BEHAVIOR is on the way….BECAUSE of the effect of BOLLYWOOD on common manS mind…..JAY HIND…..

  6. Hindu says:

    Although, a kiss (here … a flying kiss) is not necessarily bad thing since it can happen between father and daughter or mother and son. However, besides age and position Modiji has an unmatched character and lived a life of a Mahatma. The girl should have behaved well and public gesture (even though it is likely to be innocent) may put Modiji at criticism. Modiji has very good work ethics, positivity, managerial skills, oratory capabilities, and list of virtues is quite a long to describe here.

    top of this, I did not expect this type of negative article at Desh Gujarat that depicts degradation of a very important person in India. A journalist or photographer can’t say that Mr. Modi was looking at the girl though it is possible that he is looking in that direction. His response afterword as smiling and waving V for victory sign can’t be taken as in reply to the flying kiss. It is natural that he does smile and V for victory in front of many of audiences he attend. One has to be Modiji to tell whether his response was for that girl or everyone in general crowd. A journalist can’t be allowed to portray a beloved and respected leader like this.

    Jai Hind!

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