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Some interesting blog posts and not-so-interesting discussions on Wharton episode

Ahmedabad, 5 March 2013

There are some good blog posts available to read on the Wharton episode. Here we suggest them:

Wharton and Narendra Modi’s missing speech

Wharton & The Anti-Nationals

Wharton MODIfied…!

Some inconvenient questions

Wharton and Modi: Political gamesmanship won over business savvy

Wharton scored a huge self goal

Why I’m Not Speaking at Wharton

Narendra Modi cancels dinner with himself to improve his image

Wharton’s self-goal

Whart – On?

Attack on Freedom of Speech by wharton wief2013

Freedom of speech attacked in Wharton

Speakers, sponsors should snub Wharton

Also couple of videos on Discussions on this issue:

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  1. Good Samaritan says:

    Toorjo Ghose, one of the key instigator behind “Ban Modi” campaign has an arrest record in USA.


  2. Amit Dhorajiwalla says:

    Who acres about wharton? The so called professors there probably even got their degress though dubious means.

  3. Dak says:

    I have Dream ” Gujarat A Nation ”

    too much we suffer as gujarat since Last 1000 years from Delhi Rulers.

    Wake up Gujarati…….lets Build Gujarat A NATION..

  4. ek Hindustani says:

    everyone send email to that son of babu “Toojo ghose” Asst professor who lead to sign petition against Mr Modi to cancel Wharton India Economic Forum speech.


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