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‘Hate Modi’ politicians answered well by ‘Love Modi’ people in Kerala

A photo shared frequently online during Modi’s Kerala speech

Ahmedabad, 24 April 2013

Communist and Congress politicians in Kerala had crossed all limits of hate towards Narendra Modi before his visit. Leaders of these parties refused to attend Sivagiri mutt event, because Modi was invited there. However the people of Kerala answered these leaders well by rushing to the roads to watch and welcome Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

Modi received rousing welcome at Thiruvananthapuram airport. When he arrived at Sivagiri mutt, both sides of road were occupied by thousands of common people who were standing there to have a glimpse of Modi. Modi had to come out of his car to wave hand at large number of people standing there to watch him.

At Sivagiri mutt, Modi started his speech with a brief note about the number of people gathered there. Modi told the people, “I can see large number of people gathered here. Even the tent is not so big to accommodate you all, but my heart is big enough.”

Modi’s speech was shown live by almost all Malyali news channels, along with some national news channels.

Modi’s speech was in Hindi, but a volunteer was translating his speech in Malyali after every paragraph. Most part of Modi’s speech revolved around Narayan Guru’s works. However Modi didn’t miss to talk about political untouchability. He said due to efforts of Narayan Guru and others, social untoucbability decreased in our society, but in political fraternity, it’s increasing.

One of the swamis of mutt in his speech had asked Mr. Modi to give land to Sivagiri mutt in Gujarat for mutt activities. Modi in his speech welcomed mutt to do their works in Gujarat in response.

Whenever Modi mentioned ABVP or RSS in his speech, there was good response from the audience. This showed that good number of RSS workers were there in the audience.

At the end of his speech, Modi thanked the people of Kerala for a great welcome. Modi mentioned how people in large number gathered to welcome him during his visit.

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  1. Shamir Desai says:

    Sooner or later people of Kerala will start understand what Mr.Modi can do for our country,and what congress did for our country since Independence. and they will start supportinghim.

  2. jayan Raghavan says:

    I salute to Modiji ..a great person with great vision and culture reached in my kerala…the politicians of kerala did not attend the function …i am very happy because kerala politicians do not have the right to share stage with modiji …becuse they are anti indians they share stage with terror linked peoples ,they fight each other for money ,women and positions never have the time to think about kerala people ,,they loot the poor people and mis guide the youth……the people in kerala welcome you sir ..may god give you long life and strength to lead india …

  3. Amit Dhorajiwalla says:

    Sincerely hope that people of Kerala reject the communists and congress this time (subject to Election Commission playing fair). Why should people of Kerela go to gulf to find work when India has everything to employ them?

  4. Raj says:

    One day May be he need visa to travel inside country ridiculous pseudosecularisam

  5. Jyoti says:

    Nobody can stop Modi. He is UNSTOPPABLE.

  6. ajit kumar says:

    People thronged d streets to see a glimpse of this great person who could wipe out sections of an entire community in a master stroke even while he was head of the state which is supposed to protect its citizens without discrimination in caste or creed!

    Yes, one really needs to salute such a ‘visionary’ who can create division in the minds of people & hope to peddle his wares of communalism in a state which has seen no communal strife on the scale as witnessed in some north indian states -the biggest of which was engineered by this ‘visionary’ in his home state !

    I fervently pray & hope that we don’t have leaders with such a VISION & Congratulate the wise politicians in Kerala who boycotted this’Visionaries’meeting.

    • Nishit Desai says:

      I truly appreciate your ‘secular ideas’ Ajitji. Lets all vote only to such ‘non-visionary’ politicians who pander only to us minorities. Politicians should always think first about minorities because we are victimized and poor people. Hindus are morons.

    • anu says:

      Nice joke?

    • Sonia G says:

      Dear Amit,

      All these baseless allegations about genocide, Pogrom etc by the Leftist & Congress have been instead wiped out by Special Investigation Team guided by Supereme Court !!! Wake up from your dreamland.

    • pegasus says:

      I’m amused.But Mr. Ajit you have only 1 vote,while people who love Shree Narendra Modi have millions.

    • jayan Raghavan says:

      Dear brother think yourself wisely……….go to gujarat stay some days there u realize the truth.If analyze most of our left and right politicians directly or indirectly foster communalism in kerala and also in india just for vote bank politics.

    • KANT says:

      @ My friend ajit kumar… I could discuss with you on any issue,,,..
      LOOK, in last 60 plus years finally we have foreign born woman rules nation….
      Only and only 5 % enjoy at the cost of 95 %..CONGRESS party thinks nation is their property.THEY have right to loot,rob and fool people….
      I do not understand why many literates stay so passive and do not see the big picture about so many good things have happened IN GUJARAT compare to other part of nation….

      I could care less what you think , Mr MODIJI is my hero with BABA RAMDEV …..
      OUR BOLLYWOOD has ruined the thinking of our youth and deteriorated the BEST CULTURE….
      THEY gave only 100 good films and thousands of GARBAGE….. JAY HIND….

      SO called smart secularists are the problem for the nation….THEY are foreign agents to corrupt mind of the people I hate them all..JAY HIND…

    • mukhtar ali gujarati says:

      lol….ajit? you just made me laugh so loud that everyone in my house woke up!!!!! What a a great joker you are!!!!! looks around you sh!t-hole and you will find people like you in pakistan….you have a common thing…anti-India sentiment!!! All nationalist support Modiji as he said “India First”…while rest is saying …Vote-bank is their sicularism!!!!!!!!

  7. uttam says:

    to save hinduism in kerala now modiji required….otherwise missionary and madresa both r powerful…

  8. cnh says:

    Israel protests India’s feting of journalist accused of aiding Iran in car bombing
    Indian officials attended launch of newspaper to be edited by Syed Kazmi, who is charged with involvement in February 2012 attack on Israeli Embassy.
    By Barak Ravid |Apr 25, 2013 |12:29 AM

  9. Arun Nair says:

    Modiji is very much liked by people of Kerala, especially the educated ones. You may be in for a surprise but, the fact is that Kerala has the largest number of Sangh Shakhas and ABVP and BJP too have a lot of followers. However, due to the below the belt tactics employed by the Congress and the CPI(M), BJP will find it very difficult to win a seat in Kerala. However, 2014 will tel you a different story all together.

    Vande Mataram.


  10. KANT says:

    I could care less who thinks what …. I am proud of Mr. MODIJI…..

    I tell all my friends do not worry, Purchased, paid, corrupt MEDIA will not ruin future of the nation… Congress party and this lady from ITALY will leave nation in 2014 for sure….

    You can not and will not FOOL all the people all the time….. JAY HIND….

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