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On Narendra Modi’s Bangalore speech

Bangalore, 28 April 2013

Popularity of Narendra Modi today gripped Bangalore part of India. His speech was scheduled to begin at 5.30 pm, and the college ground in Bangalore was packed with people at that time. Modi however arrived at around seven in the evening with Karnataka CM Jagdish Shetter, local MP Ananth Kumar and others.

When Ananth Kumar started his speech, people shouted slogans demanding Modi’s speech, as they were impatient to listen to Modi. Mr. Ananth Kumar smiled and imidiately told Modi to start his address. Modi came to podium and told the audience that he had came to Bangalore to listen to Karnataka Chief Minister Mr. Jagdish.S and Ananth Kumar. Modi requested people to first listen to these two leaders. People of Bangalore later listened to Ananth Kumar and Shetter peacefully.

In his Hindi speech Modi first thanked people for accepting his request. Modi in his speech gave an example of Gujarat’s politics of 1990s which was similar to Karnataka BJP’s present situation. Modi recalled how Gujarat BJP govt faced revolt and split like what happened in Karnataka. But in subsequent election, BJP again received 2/3rd majority. The lesson was already learnt and in 12 years of rule, BJP did best in Gujarat. Same will happen in Karnataka amid cyclone of false propaganda.

Later Modi started attack on Congress party and its leader born with golden spoon(Rahul Gandhi). More on this can be found in this article.

Modi praised Karnataka’s present BJP govt and its Chief Minister frequently. Modi time and again cautioned the people of Karnataka that in no circumstances they should give the state to Congress.

Modi emphasized on good governence of BJP ruled states. He said, “on every 21st April, All India Civil Service Day is celebrated and Prime Minister presentes award to those states who work best as per the findings of an appointed committee. While here in Karnataka, Congress men were busy in campaign against BJP, the government in Delhi was presenting two awards to Karnataka government. In entire India, they had to give seven awards as per the parameters decided by Congress govt in centre. But out of seven awards, not a one single award went to any Congress government in India. Congress men are burden on this country. Karnataka is the only state that won two out of seven awards. Gujarat, Chhattisgadh, Sikkim got one-one award. Any govt of Congress couldn’t even come to the level of Sikkim.”

“There’s a system of twenty point programme for welfare of poor people. Atalji, Morarji Desai govt continued this programme. The govt of India used to monitor it and rate it on performance every six month. But for last one year, they have stopped doing so. The programme is on, but rating has been stopped, because in last ten years, in every rating, not a single Congress govt found place in first five. Their claims of serving poor are hollow. Either BJP or non-UPA govts have performed best when it comes to welfare of poor. Can anyone deny this fact?”

Modi in his own style threw a question – “if you have given your elder daughter to a family, and she is not happy, would you give your younger daughter to same family? Knowing that what they have done to India, would you give them Karnataka?”

Then another question: “they have state govt in Delhi, central govt in Delhi, every authority/body controlled/ruled by them in Delhi. Is Delhi a safe state? If they can’t handle even a small state like Delhi, how can you cater a large state like Karnataka to them?

When Modi talked about how Sardar Patel united India by successfully completing his task of unification of native states, people shouted “Modi, Modi, Modi”. This went on for some moments, and the voice was so loud that Modi had to give pause.

Modi covered contemporary relevant issues like China’s intrusion and attack on Sarabjeet in his speech too.

The ground was fully occupied and adding even more people during Modi’s around one hour long speech.

On Twitter #Namoinblr was top trend. However not all TV news channels presented this speech live. TV9 and ABPnews were major channels that relayed Modi’s speech live.

Prior to Modi’s speech it was announced that Modi would come back to Karnataka campaign on 2 May again – perhaps in Mangalore.

Various media houses claim that Karnataka is a lost game for BJP. Modi in his speech hinted that it was false propaganda. But Modi was repeatedly cautioning people of Karnataka not to vote for Congress during his speech. Modi completely avoided Yeddyurappa and HD DeveGowda in his speech – similar to how he avoided Keshubhai Patel and others in his election speeches in Gujarat last year.

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  1. Jyoti says:

    Today’s speech was extraordinarily fantastic.

  2. DINESH says:


  3. sunetra says:

    very very balanced and encouraging speech. Touched every point (issue) not more not less.

  4. Sreekanth says:

    Mind blowing speech By Namo sir,,,,love u as i love my country..I wish u would be our PM and you will be soon….

  5. l.ravinarasimhan says:

    in 2007 gujarat state elections campaigns there was a similar situation where every media and mostly all party except modi and bjp were with the propaganda that congress will win dueto socalled stupid reasons. but modi won handsomely with 115 mla’s out of 182 seats. every other person of media,other parties uttered all nonsense adjectives to modi,bjp. and some tried inner rebellion paying money and brainwashing some bjp people who don’t have people with them.

    same like 2007 win of modi in gujarat, bjp will win handsomely in karnataka 2013, since congress party in india is a looting,blood sucking and a nonsense party who don’t do any good to common people but will only keep talking that they will do wonders and they are for true secularism–appeasing people on religious lines and paying money during elections, even in karnataka campaign where they claim they will win,they are distributing gold plated watches,jd-s party say this and not bjp.

    this shows congress always wants to be in power just for doing moneylaundering but not to serve the countrymen-poor & deprived sections are still poor and deprived. congress had been the one and only reason for our country’s all present day’s problems–perils like corruption

  6. uday nagarkatti says:

    Based on Modi’s speech in Bangalore I am going to give one last chance to BJP in Karnataka..some times things can improve after a pardon, definitely it is not as bad as Delhi Rule!

  7. Ranganatha says:

    Hi Brother and Sister..
    Please give one more chance to BJP in Karnataka.
    The reason is only Modi and to see him as PM in future.
    Thank you

  8. KANT says:

    We all agree to disagree and we all have OPINION….
    LET us keep our mind on COOL mode and think…. NATION is going through a big crisis….
    There is 5 % INDIA and 95 % BHARAT….ALL the things you see is for 5 %….

    Mr. MODIJI has a good vision and he got the BLESSINGS of all the SAINTS….I do not care about this that you like or not….

    CONGRESS party puppets can not and will not FOOL us forever….

    I got hurt so much about the CULTURAL DETERIORATION happened in last 60 plus years in name of GLOBALIZATION and LIBERALIZATION…. and I HATE BOLLYWOOD and CRICKET for that….

    THIS worthless congress party people do not see the condition of DELHI, and they complain about all other states… WHEN I see a AMUL BABY reading statements , I feel any tenth grader can talk better than this STUPID person….. JAY HIND… VANDE MATATRAM…..

  9. One Gujju Bharti says:


  10. satish says:

    We should give one chance to BJP . And any how major corrupt people formed separate party leaving BJP , so it’s safe bet I think .

  11. Guru says:

    I will definitely vote for BJP after Modi’s speech. Requesting all kanndadigas to vote for Modi.

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