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Narendra Modi’s Sankalp rally address at Madhopr in Punjab(Video)

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Ahmedabad, 23 June 2013

Gujarat chief minister and newly appointed BJP election campaign committee chairman Narendra Modi will pay tributes to Bharatiya Jan Sangh founder Shyama Prasad Mukherjee at Madhopur on Punjab-Jammu and Kashmir border today.

Punjab BJP chief Kamal Sharma said that a rally would be held at Madhopur near the life statue of Mukherjee to commemorate his sacrifice and to pay tributes to him for opposing then J&K government directive on allowing Indians’ entry only on permit.

Mukherjee was arrested soon after he entered the territory of J&K defying permit system introduced by the then J&K government for Indian citizens to travel in the state. He was taken to Srinagar and put in the jail only to sacrifice his life for the cause. The permit system was later abolished.

LIVE broadcast of this rally online at 11.00 am IST on Sunday

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  1. upen says:

    now nation need narendra…
    God bless you…sir…

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