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In Vadodara, Meenakshi Lekhi speaks on Modi,NDA,Uttarakhand and more(Video)

Ahmedabad, 24 June 2013

BJP spokesperson and leader Meenakshi Lekhi was in Vadodara on Sunday. She briefly replied the questions of local media. Presented above is the video of the occasion. She spoke about Modi, NDA, Uttarakhand calamity and more during her brief talk.

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  1. India First says:

    Love this lady for her bold stands that she takes on all the issues. Hope she winds up heading some important ministry like Home where she can give clear directions to safety of all Indian citizens in the next BJP administration.

  2. KANT says:

    We all agree to disagree….
    CONGRESS party is lot SCARED and many CONGRESS party people know that they will not be able to fool all the people all the time…

    THIS lady talks more sense than anyone I have heard…. ALL CONGRESS party people know that their days are numbered…. I was a congressee till LAL BAHADUR SHASTRI…. and what INDIRA GANDHI did to nation…. I am ashamed of being a CONGRESSEE….

    I hope and pray that all CONGRESS party people LOSE big time in next election….
    CONGRESS party can not and will not FOOL,ROB,LOOT all the people all the time….JAY HIND…

  3. chauhan tp says:

    aaj jo aapny india news per jo sabki bolti band kardi uskay liy aapka dhanyavad

    dil kush ho gaya mai bhi kuch batana chahta hoo aap congress kay aadmi kay samny

    bas aak bar 84 kay dange kay bare main bol diya kare fir unki bolti band ho jaygee

    sach aaj dil kush ho gaya


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