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Modi on next stage of task in Uttarakhand, and Gujarat’s role(Video)

Gandhinagar, 24 June 2013

Speaking at an event to hand over recruitment letters to youths in Gandhinagar today morning, Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi announced state government’s desire to extend its help in major rehabilitation work in calamity-hit northern Indian state Uttarakhand.

Shri Modi in his speech said that at this time the government of Uttarakhand is focusing on rescue, but next major stage will involve a massive rehabilitation task.

Modi said, “Many villages are devastated in uttarakhand, and thousands of houses are destroyed there. There is a major task of rehabilitation and I am going to meet my govt officers today(in this regard). What I think is that not only pilgrims visiting the state are affected, but local people of Uttarakhand too have also faced problem. There can be a family kit, or what we can describe as home kit that may contain everything which is needed to start a house. We shall collect such kits in next few days through public private partnership and attempt to take them to the people.”

Modi urged people to participate in this process. He said he has told the Uttarakhand government that Gujarat shall be with Uttarakhand in rehabilitation process too.

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  1. san says:

    -Soon there will be “flood- relief gate” scam by congress !
    -It beats me why Guj. govt has incresed monetary help knowing well that these congis. will eat into these relief funds.
    -It will be better to send food and other materials, instead of money.

  2. Jigesh Patel says:

    Well done NAMO. Keep it up all gujjus from around the world are with you.

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