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A woman detained moving in CM office building with hidden gupti knife

Gandhinagar, 29 June 2013

A 35-year-old woman Zuvera Usman Hafiz, a resident of Surat was held by police on Friday at around 6.00 pm at Gujarat Cheif Minister’s office building Swarnim Sankul in Gandhinagar with a gupti(long sharp knife) in her purse. ab

Zuvera had managed to enter the secretariat campus with gupti knife. Not only this, but she also crossed first cordon without taking the pass which is mandatory to go any further. She was caught only after the metal detector at the second security cordon started ringing alarm bells, and the knife was found hidden in her handbag.

Gandhinagar police till now has not found the woman cooperative during initial questioning. She has not revealed the reason for her visit to Modi’s office building.

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  1. sancan says:

    ask Gujarat police to HAND OVER to both CBI and ask them to report to Gujarat police.

  2. san says:

    -In Isharat case, is the CBI into investigation whether the encounter was fake or not as ordered by the court, or into whether Modi and Shah knew about it or not?
    -I wish BJP comes to power in the centre this time and takes on the duo of MaBaker and Sons(of BoneyM fame).

  3. san says:

    -Immediately please release the CCTV footage of this case, else this will be made another case for the SIT by congress.
    -And about Isharat Jehan case, ask CBI to first explain the motive so that Modi and Shah were compelled to eliminate them:
    =Were all these terrorists had dealings with Modi and Shah previously?
    =What was the personal enimosity of Modi and Shah with Isharat?
    =How was Modi and Shah anyway related to Modi, politically or business wise?
    =CBI should explain these first.
    -Can DG editor convey my this message to the advocate who is fighting the case for Guj.Govt.?

  4. Amit Dhorajiwalla says:

    Modi had just come to power when the riots occurred. But you can see the success of congress and its foreign friends directly blaming Modi for what basically was a revenge attack. Only if the SIkhs had actually taken revenge against congressi mobs for horrifying deaths of over 4000 Sikhs mostly burnt alive.

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