Petrol only if you follow rules

Ahmedabad, 26 September 2013

From December 1, petrol pumps in Ahmedabad will fill tank of your vehicle only if you follow traffic rules. You will need to have proper transparent glass in your car. You should be following the rules of seat belt, third party insurance, license, helmet, ownership detail written on rickshaw etc to get fuel at petrol pumps.

There’s a big question mark on possibility of success but at this time, this is what the traffic police in Ahmedabad has planned. The department held meeting with 150 petrol pump owners today afternoon.

It was decided that throughout the month of October and November, the petrol pumps will make people aware about this initiative before its implementation in November.

It is believed that such model which is known as ‘no helmet, no petrol’ was in practice in Gurgaon. However it is not likely to get any success in Ahmedabad.

The decision is likely to be challenged in court like every other major decision.

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