Gujarat Forest department resettles two pairs of lions in Barda forest

Porbandar, 16 October 2014

For the first time, Gujarat government’s Forest department has silently relocated two pairs of lions in Barda hills forest area in Porbandar district. Nagraj and Yuvraj are names of the lions that are relocated in Bardo forest area close to Saat virda nes and Bhukh baro nes. Forest department has developed a 100 vigha enclosed area to keep them here. The Barda sanctuary which has been made ready for the lions is more than 110 km away from Gir sanctuary, the last natural habitat of Asiatic lions. Resettlement at Bardo hills will save lions from any eventual epidemic threatin Gir area in future.

Gujarat Forest department has already created another second home(that too silently) for lions at Rampara Vidi area close to Rajkot in Saurashtra region. The project has achieved excellent success with new birth of lions, and their healthy survival here in past few years. No-one except forest staff is allowed to enter inside this protected second home. In the past the forest department had advised Chief Minister also that he should cancel his visit to Rampara Vidi, and the area should be left to only lions and forest department. After Gir and Rampara Vidi, Barda hills will be the third safe location for lions.