Posters in search of ‘missing’ Rahul Gandhi pop up in Amethi

Amethi/ Bulandshahr,(ANI):

More than a month after Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi announced his sabbatical from politics, posters asking his whereabouts have surfaced in his constituency of Amethi in Uttar Pradesh. The situation across Amethi has taken a turn for the worse with people demanding Gandhi to show up.

The posters titled ‘Missing Member of Parliament, Amethi’ with an accompanying black and white photo of Gandhi, list out ten problems in the constituency which include lack of health facilities, lack of schools, poor conditions of roads and no work on election promises among others. The posters, which have been signed by the people of the Amethi constituency, reads ‘We don’t know where you have disappeared to; no letters, no messages, where are you?’ in Hindi.

Residents say Gandhi has not been available to deliver on his election promises. Similar posters of Rahul Gandhi ‘Missing’ were also pasted in Bulandshahr city of Uttar Pradesh.

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