Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s statement on Income Tax searches on DK Shivkumar’s locations

New Delhi: Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in response to Congress raising issue of searches carried out at locations of Karnataka Minister DK Shivkumar in Rajya Sabha said:

‘In that resort where your MLAs are staying, no search has taken place.’

‘No MLA has been searched. A particular individual was to be searched.’

‘He had gone and parked himself in that resort, so the authorities because they had to confront him with recoveries they had gone to get him to his residence so that he could be adequately questioned by the authorities outside.’

‘As of now they have taken him to his residence and there is no tax official at the resort, no search at the resort has taken place, no search on any MLA has taken place.’

‘A Particular minister of Karnataka was being searched since he had gone and parked himself in the resort. The resort certainly is not an immunity area where he can get immunity from the laws and therefore they have gone there to take him to his residence.’

‘They have taken him to his residence and he is being interrogated at his residence.’

‘There’s search on 39 locations, not on this resort since he voluntarily choose to park himself in this resort.’

‘They were duty bound to get him to his residence, and mind you whether it’s use or abuse depend on nature of recoveries, not depend on where he parked himself.’


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