EC applied little mind, gave prejudiced order, Congress had planned conspiracy earlier night: Shankersinh on Rajya Sabha polls

Gandhinagar: Former Chief Minister Shankersinh Vaghela today attacked the Election Commission for applying little mind, come under pressure of Congress and delivering prejudiced decision in Rajya Sabha polls. Following are the highlights of what Shankersinh said in today’s press conference regarding polling day events:

-BJP candidate Balwantsinh was a winner. Congress won through a conspiracy.

-If two votes are validated by court, Ahmed Patel will be declared defeated.

-Planning was done by Congress earlier night, well ahead of polling.This was pre-planned, this was conspiracy. The homework was done well in advance to challenge the election anyhow. Supreme Court cases were referred and were kept ready. Senior lawyers were ready as part of conspiracy to win the election. Papers were typed in advance and kept ready.

-It was little mind applied and prejudiced on election commission part. Election Commission has no right. It’s none of the business of Election Commission. It’s right of Returning Officer. Returning Officer(RO) is malik. Even court can’t come in-between. Election process can’t be stopped. RO pointed out the things, it was RO’s right. Election Commission snatched RO’s right. Election Commission should show entire videography of polling by 176 MLAs. Election commission was pressurized by Congress party.

-Shaktisinh as an agent deliberately stood up. There’s rule that the agent must not stand up and must not speak. The agent tried to snatch ballot paper of MLA Raghavjibhai. Raghavjibhai is unable to walk properly, he could fell down.

-Other MLA whose vote has been invalidated was Bholabhai. He was told by Congress agent Shaktisinh that he should show his vote to everyone and not just to agent. Even after this, Bholabhai didn’t show his vote to others. His ballot was folded. One can’t see what’s written on slip from a distance of 10 ft.

Vaghela said Congress has not won the Rajya Sabha election on its own strength but through the vote of either Jayant Bosky of NCP or JDU MLA Chhotubhai.

Vaghela said it was publicly known that 36 MLAs had attended a meeting at his place some time back. If MLAs were out in open, 20-25 more could come out.

Vaghela congratulated Congress candidate Ahmed Patel who has won the poll. Vaghela said Ahmedbhai is good, sober person. He added that people in Delhi wanted to enter him in a fray which was visibly a lost game.

Vaghela said, in this election Congress was divided, JDU was divided and NCP was divided.

He said Congress party didn’t do right thing by fielding Ahmedbhai in such a risky election. He was defeated, he sailed through just due to conspiracy of invalidation of two votes. Though Congress had surplus votes, the party couldn’t win on its own.

Vaghela said he didn’t vote for Ahmedbhai because Ashok Gehlot didn’t apologize for his remarks.

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