ASI objections, unavailability of Big B to delay launch of 3D show at Fort Diu


The 3D Sound and Light show at the historic Diu fort which was slated to start this month, is likely to be delayed for some more time owing to certain new objections by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and unavailability of superstar Amitabh Bachchan for dubbing of its Hindi version.

Head of the division of the India Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC), pertaining to sound and light shows, Anil Kumar Gupta today informed this.

He said that after initial trials, the ASI has raised some objections about the positioning of the 8 speakers of 7.1 Dolby surround sound system fitted for the the show. The ASI has also some issues with the lightening arrangement on the walkway leading to the main venue of the show. ‘Now we will have to rectify it,’ he said adding that this would certainly delay the inauguration which was tentatively planned for August 13.

Gupta also informed that the second hiccup for the show was the unavailability of Big B ( Bachchan) for one more month for dubbing of the Hindi version of the show of around 35 minutes of length which was ready in its English version with Kabir Bedi’s voice

‘For the dubbing of Hindi version in the voice of Amitabh Bachchan, we are waiting for dates from him. It was too take place some time ago and the Yashraj Studio in Mumbai was booked for it also but his office intimated that owing to health reasons he would be available only after a month. Now there are two options either to start the show in English after resolving the issues raised by the ASI or wait for Big B’s dubbing to inaugurate the show with both versions together,’ he said.

‘The honourable administrator (of UT of Daman and Diu) Praful Patel has to take a call on it now. In any case the start of the show is bound to be delayed for re-positioning of sound system and resolving the issue regarding lightening on the walk way,’ he said adding that the Hindi show was earlier planned to be dubbed in the voice of Late Om Puri but later it was decided to take the services of Big B for it owing to special interest of Patel.

The show would throw light on the history of Diu, a former Portuguese colony which attained freedom in December 1961, almost 14 years after the British rule ended in other parts of India and other aspects of the fort in an interesting manner.

Notably, Fort Diu, is located near the coast in Diu and was built by the Portuguese during their colonial rule hundreds of years ago. It is also among one the new seven wonders of Portugal built during their colonial rule.

Now the tourists visiting Diu, adjoining Gujarat,will have to weight for the magnificent 3D sound and light show.

Collector of Diu P S Jani said that the show would be a part of a bigger project of developing the site of the fort which was among one of the 100 Aadarsh monuments selected by the Union Ministry of Tourism. The ASI has broadly given a nod for it with some minor objections yet to be resolved.


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