Gujarat Congress Secretary suspended after allegations against state party vice president

Vadodara: Gujarat Congress president has suspended State party secretary Pravin Swami(Vadodara) from party.

State secretary of party Pravin D Swami had written a letter to party’s national president smt Sonia Gandhi and vice president Rahul Gandhi on September 6. The letter was published by section of media yesterday.

Swami seems highly upset with party leader Maulin Vaishnav who is also from Vadodara.

In his letter Swami alleges that state party vice president Maulin Vaishnav had caused tremendous damage to party.

Swami in his letter(roughly translated from Gujarati) said:

We have written letter to you even before. I will not be able to work with such leader. I have to say it with pain that I will need to hold dharna against Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee(GPCC) and tender my resignation from the post of Secretary of state unit. Maulin Vaishnav has tried to influence the party by claiming that Rahul Gandhi has handed over him the responsibility of Gujarat.

I have worked at ward level in Youth Congress and after working for 35 years in party I have become GPCC Secretary. I am active worker of party but I have never contested polls. I don’t want to contest What I am going to tell you is something that none Congress worker can tell you because everyone would fear of losing his chance to contest the polls. Congress is suffering damage and I can’t remain silent in the interest of party. My name was excluded in AICC Schedule Caste committee. I have not been conveyed message to attend three functions of party because I was going to tell something about Maulin Vaishnav openly.

It was reported that party has done well in Gujarat municipality, taluka and district panchayat elections, but party has done very poor in 8 cities which has been concealed. Today many party workers have joined the BJP as they are sad with Maulin Vaishnav. It is because they were not heard. They were not stopped from joining BJP. Results could be even better, but party tickets were sold to persons who have nothing to do with Congress. City presidents were chanced four times in Vadodara in one year. BJP councilor was given ticket against BJP Mayoral candidate. Then form was withdrawn and Mayor was catered victory. News paper has published that there was a big deal involved in this incident. Big amounts were collected for mentioning of name in panel for assembly tickets. In the past (Vaishnav) has done corruption in Maritime Board, Education Committee and Bank of Baroda. People in Vadodara had organied fast against Maulin Vaishnav near Gandhi statue. News reports regarding harassment to women are published these days in Gujarat.

Maulin Vaishnav misused a widow of Seva Dal and had sexual relations with his servant’s daughter. When this news appeared in dailies, Swami married her to another servant. Cartoon depicting Vaishnav with liquor bottle in one hand and girl next to him were published in newspapers.

Today in name of development, entire settlements, shops and houses of Congress workers are demolished. Maulin Vaishnav’s office is located in posh area of Vadodara in government land. A VIP gate has been erected to facilitate his movements on Jail road. Even when BJP is in power, Vaishnav’s wishes are fulfilled. He has built a luxurious farm house near Vemali village of Vadodara by becoming farmers through a will. There’s 40% cut in final scheme of town planing but not a single foot land of Vaishnav has been cut. Statues were installed by his trust on various circles. BJP leaders were given positions on the stage in inauguration functions of such statues. City Congress president Suresh Patel was insulted as he was not given space on the stage. Party fund is misused and false bills are generated.

He tries to get clicked with you in attempt to position himself as leading face. Party workers fear from him as there’s his signature on GPCC letter head. Loyal Congress workers are sad. But none can speak against him. It is all possible that after this letter, my position in GPCC can be snatched away but I don’t care. I am not ready to work in team of such dirty and scamster person. If such people are going to become a face of Congress, then the party will suffer tremendous loss. Save Congress by removing Maulin. There’s still time to do it. Such corrupt leader should be removed immediately.

Pravin D Swami
State Secretary, GPCC