Highlights of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address at Dabhoi


– If Sardar Patel and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar had lived longer the dam could be completed in 1960s or 1970 benefitting all western states. While Sardar saheb saw dream for this dam, Dr. Ambedkar in his short tenure as minister introduced many projects related to water.

– Hardships suffered by this project were unmatched. World Bank decided it would not give fund for Sardar Sarovar. Such a big project was not possible without its aid. Those into false propoganda had spread lies. We decided we will build this dam whether with World Bank or without it. SameWorld Bank had to present green award to Gujarat for enviornment after earthquake.

– Allegations were made against the project and many conspiracies too were attempted but for us this was not political subject. I have details of who played what role but I don’t want to do politics over this.

-Whenever the project was challenged, Sadhu Mahatmas too sat on fast. When World Bank refused aid, temples in Gujarat also offered fund.

-I am not a person who celebrates birthday, but this moment is never-before in my life and Gujarat has given it to me.

-Concrete used in construction of this deam is equal to a 8 meter wide concrete road from Kashmir to Kanyakumaria nd Kandla to Kohima.

-Sardar Sarovar dam does not belong to one state. I precisely remember when we gave water to Rajasthan from Sardar Sarovar, Vasundharaji, Shekhavat and Jaswant Singh came to met me. They said there were battles and fights over water in the past but you gave water to dry land of Rajasthan without any clash or tension. Water reached upto Badmer border.

– I thank Maharashtra Chief Minister and people of that state. Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister and people of that state, tribals who gave away something for sarva jan sukhay. I wish that governments in future will also take care of them.

– Gujarat has Saputara in South, Gir in Saurashtra, Ambaji and Abu in North, but Central Gujarat region has no major tourism attraction. World’s tallest statue of unity which shall be 190 meter tall overall with 182 meter tall statue, double compared to Statue of Liberty will come up here. It will attract lakhs of visitors and give employment to thousands of local people.

-Some people believe that only handful of people gave us freedom. The history of freedom struggle has been deliberately erased. Here will come up a museum for tribal freedom fighters.