PM inaugurates Umiya Dham Ashram Haridwar, recalls his old association with Umiya Sansthan, cautions youths against intoxicants

Ahmedabad: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today dedicated Umiya Dham Ashram at Haridwar and addressed the gathering on this occasion via video conference.

Umiya is supreme Goddess of Kadva Patidar community which has large presence in North Gujarat region.

Prime Minister in his address said, ‘ I have grown up between you, whatever I achieved in my life, I achieved it by spending time between you. We the people in North Gujarat including me grew up at feet of Ma Amba, Ma Bahuchar, Ma Umiya, Ma Modheshwari. I was fortunate that when in 1975-76, Ma Umiya’s festival was celebrated, I could offer my services as a volunteer. I was a student then. I stayed in Unjha for months to offer my services. When I became Chief Minister, again there was a festival of Ma Umiya in Unjha. Narankaka(BJP MLA from Unjha where Ma Umiya’s main temple is located) would come to my office and seek water, roads etc infra facilities for Umiya Utsav. I had visited the utsav, and I found the facilities and arrangements were even better because government was equally involved in arrangements of the function shoulder to shoulder with Umiya organization. I had appointed a government officer Mahendra Patel for that Mahotsav on full time basis for six-month period.’

The Prime Minister said, ‘when against 1,000 boys there were only over 700 girls in Unjha region, I had raise a question how we can kill girls in womb at the place where Ma Umiya’s temple was located. I am satisfied that in response to that appeal and subsequent efforts, gradually a gap in number of birth of boys and girls is narrowing. I especially offer my pranam to women of Unjha and Mehsana area in this connection.’

The Prime Minister admired Umiya Sansthan for its charitable activities such as building hostels, giving assistance to girls for education, holding medical camps, offering shelter and services to pilgrims.

The Prime Minister recalled how Umiya Sansthan would send thousands of food packets in response to his appeal during calamities and disasters. How women and families associated to Umiya Sansthan would participate in mass kitchen to make such food packets and send other relief items.

He admired Umiya Sansthan for its social work and for utilizing religious donation to strengthen the society.

PM Modi asked the community not to compromise with cleanliness. He said Ma would not choose to come to a place which is not clean. He appealed the community to ensure there’s toilet in every house so that mothers and sisters don’t need to use open place as toilet.

The PM recalled a movement under which every pilgrim would be offered a plant by Umiya temple. About one crore plants were distributed as prashad as part of this initiative he recalled and added that such practice should be revived.

The Prime Minister cautioned the community against speedily spreading had habit of consuming intoxicants among youths.

He said, ‘growing habit of consuming intoxicants among youths in community will create pathetic situation 20-25 years later. The situation gives pain to elders in community who worked hard to life up the community’.

‘I haven’t come to you as Prime Minister. If I had come to address you just as Prime Minister, I would speak formal things and walk away but I believe you are mine, I am because of your blessings, and therefore I appeal that new generation must not be allowed to go to the path of intoxicants,’ the PM said.

Admiring the efforts of Narankaka(Naran Lallu Patel, Unjha BJP MLA and head of Umiya Sansthan at Unjha) the Prime Minister said this new facility in Haridwar will not just benefit the devotees of Ma Umiya but all segments of society. He said this facility will be helpful for tourism in Uttarakhand.

‘Yatra has been part of life in our country. Yatra to char dham, Jyotirlingas, places associated to Krishna and Ganesha … our forefathers had developed circuit tourism system way back before centuries. When a person takes parents to yatra across the country, it also provides darshan of Maa Bharti,’ the PM said.


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