National Marine Police Institute to be set up at Dwarka, study assigned for scope of tourism linked to submerged original Dwarka: PM

Dwarka: Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi today made announcement to set up first National Marine Police Research and Training Institute near Mojab in Devbhumi Dwarka district of Gujarat.

Prime Minister speaking at stone laying function of new sea bridge connecting Okha to Beyt Dwarka said the country is modernizing its marine police force and their training will be specialized. The institute will become a point to visit this place for many from across the country and it will help local economy.

The Prime Minister also said he had assigned the task to study whether accessing submerged old Dwarka town ruins is possible for visitors.

Modi said people across the nation wish to touch the ruins of original Dwarka town that are located under water.

He said, ‘if facility is created through which people can go under water and touch the stones of original Dwarka, the entire India will form queue to have that experience here.’

The Prime Minister in reference to new highway projects connecting Dwarka and Somnath via Porbandar said this will boost tourism and being economic benefits to the region. A tourist visiting Gir to watch Asiatic Lion will also choose to visit Porbandar and Dwarka if connecting highways are wide and good enough.

Prime Minister said, tourist would come to Dwarka to have darshan at Dwarkashish Mandir but local economy would benefit enough only if visitors choose to stay here for at least a night. If he stays for a night, he would spend at least thousand Rupees here. Modi said in this in reference to a new signature bridge connecting Okha and Beyt Dwarka for which he laid foundation stone today.



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