Morari Bapu was in forest on invitation in connection with Wildlife Week awareness programme: Forest department

Junagadh: North Range Forest Officer of Forest department of Gujarat, S.D.Tilala has said that Ram kathakar Shri Morari Bapu was given entry into forest with permission by forest department in connection with Wildlife week celebration in order to create awareness among people. Morari Bapu had also visited places of religious interests. Some lions were spotted on his way. Forest department staff was with him at that time.

Forest department has made this clarification following controversy regarding alleged breach of forest department rules.

One ‘RTI activist’ Bhanubhai Odedara has writer a letter to Cheif Justice of Gujarat High Court regarding Morari Bapu’s visit to forest and ‘lion darshan’ with forest officers.

Activist claimed that Morari Bapu and 10 other persons with him had lion darshan on 8th and 9th October for which forest officials had conducted location search a day ago.

Odedara has attached photographs with his letter in which Morari Bapu is seen watching lion from distance.

Odedara said, none from public visitors is allowed to enter the forest and have lion darshan during 15 June – 15 October period as it is matting season for lions.