Rahul Gandhi is also involved in land grabbing like his brother in law Robert Vadra: Yogi in Gujarat


UP CM Yogi Adityanath today alleged that Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi like his brother-in-law Robert Vadra was also involved in some cases illegal land grabbing.

Addressing an election rally in Italwa in Navsari district of South Gujarat today he said that the congress party has become synonymous to corruption and its name should be changed to Corruption party. In the 10 years of UPA rule from 2004 to 2014, it did Rs 1.20 lakh crores scams.

‘Now beware of the development talk of Rahul. The development of Congress starts from land grabbing by Damad ( son-in-law) Robert Vadra and in Amethi some such cases by Rahul has also come to the fore,’ Yogi in whose state Amethi the Loksabha constituency of Rahul is situated, said.

He also questioned Rahul’s recent visit to various temples in Gujarat saying his party Congress had protested the reconstruction of Somnath temple and tried to destroy the ancient bridge in Rameshwaram and even questioned the existence of Lord Ram and Krishna.

‘Now this hypocrite was visiting temples,’ he said. This hypocrisy of Rahul and his party won’t last for long. but the people of Gujarat should remain wary of these tactics.

Earlier talking to newsmen Yogi replying to a query about congress’s propaganda about development going mad in Gujarat, said that in fact they were unable to see the development owing to Drishti Dosh (problem in eye-sight) and the people of Gujarat would cure their eye-sight problem in the election.


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