Yogi appeals people to wipe-out Congress in Gujarat, terms Congress and Rahul hypocrite, messenger of destruction


Uttar Pradesh CM and senior BJP leader Yogi Adityanath today hit out strongly at Congress and its vice president Rahul Gandhi terming him a ‘messenger of destruction’ and appealed the people of Gujarat to ‘wipe-out’ Congress from their state in the coming assembly election.

Addressing a public meeting as part of ruling BJP’s Gujarat Gaurav Yatra, on the first day of his two day Gujarat visit, Yogi said, ‘Today those are talking about development in Gujarat who did nothing in 70 years for the country and did the development of their family and some of their middlemen only.’

‘When there was devastating earthquake in Gujarat in 2001, Congress vanished. During the recent floods in Saurashtra and North Gujarat Narendrabhai (PM) and Amitbhai (BJP president Amit Shah) rushed to Gujarat but Rahul Gandhi ji remained abroad. At that time he did not remember Gujarat,’ he said.

‘How can one hope of development from Rahul who and 3 of his generations could not even set up a collector office in Amethi,the current Loksabha constituency of Rahul which was earlier represented by his grandmother and former PM Indira Gandhi and father Rajiv Gandhi too. During 10 years of UPA rule from 2004 to 2014 when PM Manmohan Singh reportedly spoke only after getting a go-ahead from Nehru-Gandhi family, Rahul could not lay the foundation of that office. He talks of development in Gujarat but he is not a supporter of development, he is in fact the supporter of destruction. When terrorist Isharat Jahan was killed he visited Gujarat. He is not a messenger of development but was that of destruction and we must remain wary of him and his party,’ he said.

Yogi said, ‘Congress had insulted Mahatma Gandhi and tried to destroy his ideology. That was why after independence Gandhiji advocated for abolishing Congress but the party did not listen to him. However the son of Gujarat Narendra Modi ji has started the campaign of making the country Congress-free and I appeal to all of you to start this from Gujarat by wiping out Congress in the coming assembly polls. We in UP have already done so. They now have only 2 MPs and 7 MLAs there who also won’t be elected in the next elections.’

Yogi, who was on his first visit to Gujarat after becoming CM, said, ‘the whole country says that wherever Rahul goes for poll campaign, Congress’ defeat was certain. But let it suffer such a defeat that remains in their memory forever.’

He said, ‘Congress has caused irreparable damage to the nation. It also insulted Sardar Patel, the son of India who came from Gujarat and did great job for unification of India. Congress conferred Bharat Ratna upon Nehru and Indira Gandhi while she was alive but Patel was ignored till 41 years and was give the honour only after Atal ji raised the issue.’

‘Patel was the one who made Nawab of Hyderabad join Indian federation and owing to whose fear the nawab of Junagadh fled to Pakistan,’ he said.

He said that the story of development of Gujarat was written by Narendrabhai Modi. It has turned in to the most developed state with highest per capita income, it is the biggest employment giver which has increased to over 1.41 lakh from meager 14000 during 20 years of BJP rule.

‘I will also connect UP with such a development story and implement the Gujarat model in UP so that the youth their get employment and lead a life of respect. It was not based on dynastic rule, castism or appeasement. In Gujarat, development and steps for national security are going hand in hand,’ he said.

Earlier in another meeting in Pardi he had said that that the whole country was looking towards Gujarat for development and he would also implement the Gujarat model of development in his state.

Yogi said, ‘I have come to see the great development of Gujarat. The whole country was today looking towards Gujarat for it. The development here was commendable. I will also implement the Gujarat model of development in UP.’

He said that the BJP during its rule has transformed Gujarat and I have come to appeal to the people of the state to make it victorious again with huge majority.

Lauding PM and then CM Narendra Modi for development and able leadership the UP CM said that earlier the world did not respect India but after Modi ji’s becoming PM, it is looked at with respect. We are all thankful to Modi ji for earning respect for India through development. Today now even the US President Donald Trump try to emulate Modi ji.

Taking a dig at Congress and its vice president Rahul Gandhi, Yogi said his hypocrisy won’t last for long. ‘Rahul talks of development but see the plight of his Loksabha constituency Amethi which is in UP. It was also the constituency of his father and grandmother,’ he said.

Yogi earlier had started his address in Gujarati flavor. ‘Kem Chho’ (how are you) was his first sentence. He also said ‘Aap Saune Jai Shri Krishna’ (Jai Shri Krishna to all of you)’ in Gujarati.

He then said Lord Krishna was from his land ie UP and had migrated to Gujarat to make Dwarka and he has come here from the land of Krishna. He also said that lord Swaminarayan (the native of Chhapiya near Ayodhya in UP) had also come to Gujarat from UP. They both were welcomed open heartedly by Gujarati people.

He said that the development of the country started under Narendra Modi commenced from the land of Gujarat and he thanks the Gujarati community for it.

Yogi will address several meetings during his Gujarat visit. Apart from South Gujarat he was also likely to address a few meetings in Kutch especially in the pockets densely populated by the migrants from UP.


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