Attempts were made to erase Sardar’s name: PM on Sardar Patel’s birth anniversary

New Delhi: Slamming the Gandhi-Nehru family run/controlled governments without naming them, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today morning in Delhi said Sardar Patel was not introduced to new generation.

Modi said, ‘in a way attempts were made to erase his name or to make his name smaller. Whether some government approves him or not, history is witnessed to the fact that youths of this country are not ready to forget Sardar. They are not ready him to disappear from history.’

‘When country gave us opportunity to serve, we decided to mark Sardar Patel birth anniversary in a special way in order to keep memories of his good works intact through generations,’ PM said.

The Prime Minister recalled first President of India Rajendra Babu who was pained as the country had forgotten Sardar Patel who created Bharat.

PM said, ‘some people tried their best to erase Sardar saheb from memory but Sardar is placed in soul of this country.’

PM was speaking at launch of Run for Unity event in Delhi on Sardar Patel Jayanti.


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