Highlights of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech at Akshardham Gandhinagar

Gandhinagar: Following are some of highlights of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi while speaking at silver jubilee function of BAPS Swaminarayan Akshardham

When I was asked whether I would be able to come to this function, I asked counter question, whether I have now become a guest(for BAPS)? I am fortunate that since the time I developed understanding, I have close association with this tradition and Pramukh Swami Maharaj.

When we discuss dharma and tradition, we generally can not stay away from bringing miracle in it. Some mental weakness happened to us that we couldn’t find anything exciting without miracoules. Pramukh Swami was not into miracles.

Expansion of some spiritual, social organization is normal. Some would expand slowly, some would expand speedily, but Pramukh Swami rather than expanding his organization on horizontal level, worked for vertical expansion to achieve heights for all including followers.

Pramukh Swami just didn’t make temples merely as buildings. I was told Shastriji Maharaj built 5 temples, Bapa(Pramukh Swami) built 1200 temples across the world, but that were not just structures. Pramukh Swami created centres for social chetna through Mandirs. Sometimes those following tradition, do not have boldness enough to do something new. I can tell after observing Pramukh Swami that he was not confined to time period. He would build a playground in London temple to benefit the children.

We can see management, human touch, perfection in temples built by Pramukh Swami. We are familier with many temples across Gujarat and the nation, but after Akshardham, pramukh Swami and his team started a tradition that temple not necessarily will be unclean, shoes would not be removed hafazardly anywhere outside the temple. One would not litter after having prashad anywhere as per his own wish. Arrnagements were made for shoes in such a good way that one would remove it at the entrance and would get shoes at the place where he would leave the temple. Carry bag would be given if there are too many shoes.

I myself is associated with organizational work. Once I had invited Brahvihari swami and others to address our government officers. I called them to educate our government officers that how they can complete their works in time bound period. Narmada project is one example, exhibitting that we are not able to complete the projects in time bound period.

I had requested Bapa(Pramukh Swami) that world’s three-four universities should be invited here so that they can have case study of spiritical activity happening in collaboration with modern management and modern technology.

Pramukh Swami played key role in bringing management, technology in our temples which is unparalleled and amazing.

When one comes to Akshardham, he might not be bhakta perhaps, but when he leaves the place he becomes bhakta.

On one hand best arrangements, most modern managerial skill and on the other hand perfect observence of 18th century rules for saints, both happened parallely.

I had visited Saranpur to see training facility and syllabus for saints.

There are 1100 saints in BAPS Swaminarayan sect Perhaps after Ram Krishna Mission, this is only one place to have so many saints. It has become possible due to Pramukh Swami. In 21st century when a person would have various temptations and ambition, where he could easily slip, it is unparalleled that so many have become saints.

There was Navnirman agitation in Gujarat with prolong curfew and death of 103 youths. I precisely remember, Shahibaug mandir would supply milk for children to curfew hit areas without any religious bias.

We very much know, how devastating the Kutch earthquake was. Hari bhakts worked very hard to restore the situation with their relief efforts.

Whenever there’s situation of flood, the government would contact Santram Mandir and Akshar Purushottam for supply of food packet. They never ask how much food packets are needed but they just ask at what time delivery has to be made.


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