Posters/banners asking questions emerge at Hardik’s rally venue in Gujarat


Several posters and banners by Patidar community were seen today near the venue of PAAS leader Hardik Patel’s rally in Dhutarpar village of Jamnagar district in which several questions have been asked to him including clarifying about his ‘secret visit’ of a five star hotel in Ahmedabad to allegedly meet congress president Rahul Gandhi.

Hardik is to take out a rally from Fala village this afternoon which will culminate as a public meeting in Dhutarpar, a Patidar dominated locality.

Several banners and posters were seen near the venue this morning.

‘Patidar community want to know these things from you,’ one of these read and below this were written several questions including why he likes the lollypop of Congress, was it tastier than that of BJP.

In some of the banners on the welcome gate erected for Hardik’s rally, questions about his role in congress ticket distribution and misleading the community were also raised.

Questions about Congress’ stand on reservation issue and Hardik’s dubious activities and his secret visit to Taj Ummed hotel in Ahmedabad allegedly to meet Rahul Gandhi have also been raised.

Notably, Hardik was conducting various rallies and meetings in Saurashtra and off-late he was facing opposition from his own community at other places. In some areas posters banning his entry were also seen.


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