ABP – CSDS opinion poll predicts comfortable victory for BJP in Gujarat

New Delhi: As per the survey carried out by ABP News – CSDS across 50 assembly seats of Gujarat in the last week of October, BJP is all set to come back to rule Gujarat with 113-121 seats while Congress will win 58-64 seats. Others will get 1-7 seats.

BJP voting percentage will be down in Saurashtra and North Gujarat significantly while in Central Gujarat minorly. However lower percentage will not result into loss of many seats. While Congress seats may increase in North Gujarat, both BJP and Congress will be in neck to neck position in Saurashtra. BJP however will gain in Central Gujarat, tribal belt and South Gujarat in terms of number of seats. This will help BJP to sail through. Statewide voting percentage of BJP will be 47% compared to 48% last time. Congress voting percentage will be up at 41% instead of 38% last time.

Congress has made its position stronger compared to previous opinion poll by ABP – CSDS conducted in the month of August. However further clear picture will emerge post selection of candidates and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s campaign.


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