Gujarat election between governance and stability on one hand and anarchy on other hand: Jaitley

Ahmedabad: Union Finance Minister and incharge of Gujarat assembly elections 2017, Arun Jaitley in his interaction with media persons here

‘Gujarat is very important state for BJP. The party has given very good governance here. We are contesting this election on the basis of this track record of party in Gujarat be it infra development or urban development or implementation of social schemes or industrialization. ‘

‘I had said it previously and I want to repeat it that in every election, Congress changes its strategy and in this election, it has changed its colors many times. When Gujarat election kicked off, they took anti-development stance and made fun of development. They said there’s nothing in development. Such was the stance taken by Congress party. We have full faith that such type of election campaign can not succeed. The people of this nation and the State of Gujarat hope for good future. This is population with lot of aspirations, and to persuade them with anti government stance is not possible. Therefore our party stood for our stance.’

‘And as elections are near, Congress changed its color again to divide the society and go ahead with election. While doing this, in one way they made Congress dependent on such forces that only spread anarchy in State. The Congress stance is in the hands of those who can now spread only anarchy. And because the state has come out of such anarchy in the past, there’s no question to go again in that direction because price to be paid is very high. Gujarat favors development and that direction is in itself diversionary. It will take the state to wrong path. And therefore we believed that this election is about on one hand governance and stability and on the other hand anarchy. Congress led combination represents those anarchist elements and this is the reason that leadership has derailed from its path. And because of that Congress leadership raises imaginary issues and not factual. To say that 17,000 schools have been closed in Gujarat is wrong figure. In actual 17,000 schools are added. There are now 58,352 schools here. To say that Rs 1,35,000 crore was waived off to benefit industrialists is wrong. He should give example of even Re. 1 waived off. It doesn’t look good when major leaders give wrong facts. Congress leadership is highly economical with the truth.’

‘Rafale deal was very clear. One non-performing government in Centre couldn’t decide for 10 years. Our IAF’s combat ability was weakened. It was IAF’s priority to purchase it.Rafale was government to government transaction between two governments. This was not a transaction that was in Congress rule where there were Quattrochies and middle men involved. This was government to government deal. I can’t understand why they didn’t raise such things in the past and they are raising it now after 2.5 years before Gujarat polls. The very fact indicates that it is motivated campaign linked to the election. Congress should not forget that people of this country and especially people of this State are very smart. Elections can’t be contested through deception.’

‘Reservation formula given three days ago is not possible constitutionally. It is not permitted by either constitution or law. It is the promises that can’t be fulfilled. One who gives promises and other who accepts it both are doing deception with people of Gujarat. People here will not be persuaded by deception.’

‘The election campaign which is progressing will be finally about governance and only those who enjoy trust can offer governance. Those representing anarchist forces, can not deliver governance. Congress’s roots lie in opportunism and deception and therefore it’s completely foreign to idea of good governance.’

Jaitley in reply to questions described Hardik and Alpesh as road to anarchy.


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