“Will answer Rahul’s tweets on Gujarat if he reads all of it by himself without help of piece of paper”

Taking a dig at Rahul Gandhi’s on going serial tweets on Gujarat asking a question each day to PM Narendra Modi, BJP president Amit Shah today claimed that the congress vice president can’t even recite all his five tweets which have been tweeted from his account in last five days, by himself.

Addressing an election rally in Mandavi today Shah said,’ Rahul is tweeting every day and in this series he has also tweeted another one today. I am ready to reply all of these but can he recite or read it all by himself without using a piece of paper.’

He also said that people must ask him what what the agenda of Congress. No one knew it.

‘Whenever he come he should be asked about the agenda of the Congress. It is not yet known to anyone. While BJP under the leadership of Modi ji was moving with the agenda of development and had made it the main poll plank Congress was trying to spread the poison of castism and take political benefit by creating rift between communities,’

Shah even mimicked Rahul’s style and said that he was frequently visiting Gujarat nowadays and often asks what Modi ji has done in three and a half years. He was also tweeting a question on Gujarat every day. He even tweeted the fifth one today. ‘I will answer all of these but first he must read all the five questions by himself without reading them from a piece of paper,’ BJP president today said.

He also attacked Rahul for not answering the genuine questions raised by BJP and the people of Gujarat about the injustice done to Gujarat by Congress party.


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