Rahul and Congress should make stand clear on Sibal’s stand in Ramjanmbhoomi case: Shah


BJP president Amit Shah today termed the stand of senior Congress leader and counsel of All India Sunni Waqf Board Kapil Sibal during the hearing of Ram Janmbhomi case in the apex court as ‘Surprising’ and asked Congress party and its leader Rahul Gandhi, who was visiting temple after temple in Gujarat at the time of election, to put aside the double-policy and clear their official stand on it.

Addressing a press conference here Shah said, ‘The hearing of ShriRamjanmbhoomi case started in the Supreme Court of the country today. The whole country want the hearing to conclude at the earliest to know the stand of the court in this matter but Sibal put forth a surprising argument by demanding to put the hearing on hold till July 2019 ie till after the next general election in the country.’

He alleged that whenever Congress needs to take a different stand it brings forward Sibal who during 2G scam coined the zero loss theory and has recently given opinion of over 50% quota in Gujarat. Now Sibal has put forth a demand to put obstacles in the way of construction of Ram temple.

‘This is the double policy of Congress and now I want to know from the party and Rahul Gandhi who is going to be its next president and doing ‘electoral visits’ of temples in Gujarat as to whether they agree with the stand of Sibal and also want to delay the hearing or want its speedy conclusion. They must make it clear. Especially when the feeling of the people was that the case should be concluded at the earliest. The translation of documents has already been done the court has also taken a decision about the bench to hear the matter and deputed a 3 judge bench for it. BJP want to see a grand Ram temple there,’ he said.


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