Kutch man missing for 9 years found in Pakistani jail

Bhuj: Sama Islael Alimamad who is resident of Nana Dinara village in border district Kutch was untraced for last nine years after he went out with his cows. It is now learnt that he is in Pakistan. His prison term has ended twow years ago, but due to lack of evidences pertaining to his nationality he is still languishing in Pakistan jail. After a plea filed by Right To Information(RTI) activist, action has started on government part for his releaes. Fazal Alimamad Sama who is head of Pachham Vistar Vikas Trust is campaigning for Alimamad’s return to India along with Pakistan-India People’s Forum for Peace and Democracy’s Jatin Desai. 52-year Ismael is in Pakistan for last nine years while his 8 children and wife are waiting for his return.


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