BJP govt renegotiated gas, solar, LED bulb deals and saved thousands of crore committed by previous Congress govt in Centre: PM Modi

New Delhi: Attacking the opposition Congress party for its ‘hit and run politics’ Prime Minister Narendra Modi replying the President’s address to parliament in Lok Sabha today said, ‘more you throw mud, lotus will bloom further. You should throw more mud.’

Modi addressing the Congress members said, ‘you did gas contract with Qatar for twenty years period. We came to power and spoke to Qatar about this. We were bound to continue the contract done with your(Congress-led UPA) government but we put before the facts and convinced them. After renegotiation we saved around Rs 8,000 crore you(Congress led UPA government) had committed more. Why did you give(more sum), for whom did you give it? The country will decide. We renegotiated gas contract with Australia. It went on for long, and ultimately Rs 4,000 crore was saved. Why did you give(more money), for which purpose you gave? You are not going to reply.’

Modi asked Congress, ‘why LED bulb in your time was sold for Rs 300-350 and why same bulb with same quality, technology and procured from same company cut down the price to Rs 40. You will need to give answer. Tell me, what is the reason that solar power rate per unit was Rs 12-15? ‘Do come and loot, but take care of us’ was the mantra(of Congress-led UPA government). Today solar power is in range of Rs 2-3.’


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