PM stresses on district based development with 115 aspirational districts in focus, says politics has changed

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his inaugural address at National Legislators Conference, stressed on district driven development in country. He specially spoke about 115 aspirational districts that are backward in various parameters of development. Modi said the situation of Indian politics has changed compared to past. Hardcore politics, agitations, statements, resistance, fight, morcha, jail going mattered twenty years ago in political career, but today the time has changed, whether you are in power or opposition, today the situation has changed. There is new awareness among people that has made this change. Today, the people think who is with them in their good and bad time, who is working to change their life. If you observe, repeatedly elected representatives, they are elected not because of resistance they lead but due to one or two things that are not linked to politics, but linked to sukh and dukh of people. That image(apolitical works) helps him to drive his political career.

Modi admired a presentation he watched couple of days ago which was presented by Niti Ayog’s Amitabh Kant. Modi said he watched it with his ministers and it was the best presentation he ever saw in last twenty years. Modi said one of matters in the presentation was comparison of various districts in terms of development.

Modi stressed for younger, energetic district collectors in aspirational districts. He said, when he observed the details of aspirational(backward) districts, one of details common was that the district collectors in most of districts were above 40 age, against the general scenario of 27-year age.


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