Dhh gets National Film Award as best Gujarati film

New Delhi: Dhh has been declared the best Gujarati movie. Shekhar Kapoor made this announcement while declaring the 65th National Film Awards. A film about a magician (played by Naseeruddin Shah), who helps three boys through their exams.

Director & writer Manish Saini graduated from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad in 2009, specializing in Film and Video Communication. Manish founded ‘Amdavad Films’ in 2016 with the intent of realising the project “Dhh”.

Manish Saini about his film:

Childhood is not just a time or a phase in our lives but rather a place in our minds that we often revisit. The story of ‘Dhh’ hopes to take its audience on a nostalgic journey to the days of innocence and unquestioned faith. It is dedicated to all those who as kids believed that magic can truly solve the bigger problems in life.

The film tries to convey that a true victory is when you find happiness and not when you score 99/100 and that real success is when you make progress and not just stand 1st in class.

Life is an addition of many small instances that seem insignificant, but time often adds them up to teach us immeasurable lessons. The process of learning from life is where the magic happens, this story aspires to magnify this magical experience.