Taken up cash-crisis issue with RBI especially as the season is of issuing loans to farmers: Deputy CM Nitin Patel


Amid cash-crisis in banks/ATMs across Gujarat, Deputy CM and Finance Minister of the state Nitin Patel today said that his government was taking up the issue with RBI at priority level as the season was also of issuing loans to farmers.

Talking to newsmen here said that he has talked to the RBI regional director and requested him to increase the cash flow in the banks.

He said that people were facing difficulties owing to shortage of cash in the banks and ATMs.

‘It is also the season when mostly cooperative banks give loans to farmers for agricultural activities. So I have requested the RBI that the cash-flow issue must be resolved at the earliest,’ he said.

I have also instructed the Chief Secretary to take up the matter with the RBI, he said.

Notably, most of the bank ATMs across Gujarat have dried up amid the recent spell of cash-crisis which started almost a week ago. Banks have also put withdrawal limits in place.

The situation has turned worst owing to it also being a marriage season when the demand for cash increases.