12-year old boy leaves worldly life, becomes Jain monk in Surat

Surat: A 12-year-old Bhavya Shah today renounced his family and joined the order of Jain monks in a diksha ceremony held here in presence of thousands of people and hundreds of monks.

“Family life is full of sins at every step. I have decided to become a monk so that I can keep myself away from sins of this material world. This is my own decision,” said Bhavya.

He added that he is happy to take “the path of truth shown by God”.

Asked about his family’s reaction, he said he is renouncing his family because his parents have taught him the path of truth. “My parents will also take this path one day,” he said.

His father, Dipesh Shah, is a diamond merchant in Surat and the family has welcomed the decision.

“We are extremely happy as Bhavya is going to take diksha. When my daughter turned 12, she also took diksha and renounced family life,” he said.

Meanwhile, to celebrate the occasion, the family also organised a road show in Surat on Wednesday wherein Bhavya was seen riding a chariot.

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