Rs 1200 crore refund paid after implementation of GST in Gujarat: Govt

Gandhinagar: Gujarat government has till now disbursed Rs 1200 crore refund as on today after implementation of Goods and Services Tax(GST) on 1st July last year.

The government statement said, there were 5,932 refund applications received after GST implementation of which 4,815 were cleared and refund was paid. So far 82% refund applications are cleared. Out of total applications received, 85% refund amount has been paid.

The government has organised refund fortnight to clear the pending applications. All refund applications filed by 15th May are to be cleared by 15th June. To achieve this target, video conferences are being organised with departmental heads and instructions are being conveyed to clear the applications.

The government in its note further said, the traders who have filed online application for refund but not submitted manual application in related office, should immediately file manual application in related jurisdiction with evidences in order to ensure timely clearance of application.


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