Coolies attack e-rickshaw driver and manager at Surat railway station

Surat: Coolies at Surat railway station formed a group and brutally attacked the driver and manager of newly introduced e-rickshaw service here. Manager of e-cart service under attack suffered fractured bone injury as he was beaten up with heavy wooden stick by coolies in order to stop him from operating e-carts.

The incident took place on Saturday. The injured manager was taken to Civil hospital.

While coolies charge Rs 200, violating the rule, the e-cart service once operational will charge Rs 30 per passenger and Rs 20 per bag. One Devansh Roadline has been given 5-year contract before one and half month to operate three e-carts.

When operation of e-cart was started earlier, coolies had opposed it and therefore the service was suspended. Coolies have also filed writ petition in the Gujarat High Court against the operation of e-cart. When e-cart operation was attempted on Saturday again, coolies damaged the e-cart and also thrashed manager Vijoy Rajput in order to forcibly stop the operation.

According to Police Inspector M.S.Bodar no complaint was filed in this case. According to Satyendra Sinh of Devansh Roadline, his company has paid Rs 6.58 lakh deposit to railways and purchased e-cart spending over Rs 10 lakh. Sinh said there’s no adequate protection offered by police to operate the e-cart. He said a written application has been given to police over Saturday attack incident.

For last over one month, coolies are not allowing operation of e-rickshaws. Coolies charge very high for carrying luggage violating the rates fixed by Railways. They don’t allow e-carts to operate.


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