Shravan 2018 in Gujarat from August 12

Gandhinagar: Auspicious Shravan month in Gujarat will begin from August 12 this year. Some of major festivals during the month will include Janmashtami, Raksha Bandhan, Nag Panchami, Shitla Satam, Durgashtami, Dashama vrat and Shivratri. Apart from this, the holidays of Independence Day, Pateti, Bakra Eid will also come in this period.

Shravan is considered a holy month dedicated to bhakti, puja, archana of Hindu Gods. Mondays during Shravan are considered most auspicious. Devotees visit Shiv Mandirs in large number on Mondays(Somvar) and offer milk, bili tree leaves to Shiv linga. Many people also observe fast during the month of Shraval including Farali fast in which only fruits will be consumed.

Shravan begins: Sunday, August 12

Independence day: Wednesday, August 15

Pateti: Thursday, August 17

Bakra Eid: Wednesday, August 22

Raksha Bandhan: Sunday, August 26

Nag Panchami: Friday, August 31