3 dead leopard found near East Gir forests in Gujarat were killed by labourer to avenge the death of pet dog


The mysterious death of 3 leopards near a village in Dhari area of Amreli district was in fact the result of a revenge killing by a farm labourer who has now accepted to have poisoned them for allegedly killing his pet dog.

DCF Dhari P Purushothama today confirmed it.

He said that farm labourer Bhupat Mathasuria (51) who was arrested in this connection has during recent remand and interrogation confessed that he had killed the one female leopard aged around 6 years and two male ones aged around 2 to 3 years to avenge the death of his loved pet dog.

They had allegedly killed the dog after which Bhupat mixed poison on its body and kept it there. When the three big cats consumed its meat they too died.