26 lakh visited Ambaji during Bhadarvi Punam fair, 1 kg gold received in donation on last day

Ambaji: 19-25 September Bhadarvi Punam fair 2018 has concluded today at pilgrim town Ambaji in North Gujarat. According to the government release, 26 lakh pilgrims had darshan of Ambaji during the fair. More than 22 lakh prasad packets were distributed among pilgrims. Over 3 lakh deovotees had bhojan prasad. 6,773 religious flags were offered to the temple. 1600 State Transport(ST) buses were operated covering more than 11,000 trips. 6 lakh pilgrims were offered transport service. Ahmedabad based devotee Navnitbhai Shah donated 1 kg gold. Navnitbhai had donated 1 kg gold last year also on Bhadarvi punam.